Wishlist of Needed Actions

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Wishlist of Needed Actions
Taig Mini-Mill
Injection Molding Machine
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Have some ideas of what would improve the Hackerspace? Please list them here.

Alternately, if you have some extra time on your hands and find any of the following things appealing to you, please feel free to take on a project. As Marshall says, EAFP!* We ask that you attach your name to the item you're actively working on so people may collaborate or touch base with you. Please include other useful information such as whether you'd like assistance and a progress report.

If any of these things requires hackerspace funds to get it accomplished, please feel free to address this in one of our member meetings by adding it to the appropriate meeting's agenda items.

* Easier to Ask Forgiveness than Permission

Make a BIG sign to grab visitors' attention and get them to sign a waiver.

The poster/wall display might have other things on it.

  • Brief description of the hackerspace
  • How to become a member
  • Some pictures of members who can give tours
  • Visitor/New Member brochure
  • Place to take calling cards from
  • Created with WorkFlowy.com
Volunteer(s) none
Progress not started
Notes Idea was brought up on the mailing list here.