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David Fowler
 * AKA: uCHobby
 * Email:
 * Website:
 * Skills: 
 ** Electronics Engineer - Digital, Micro-controllers, Analog 
 ** Software Developer - Embedded, desktop and web, C, C++, C#, Java, HTML, CSS, PHP, JScript, little experience with Python.
 ** User of Windows, Linux and Mac OS.
 ** Develop for Windows, Linux, Android, IPhone, Embedded Micro-controllers. 
 ** Digital and Analog hardware design and a little RF experience 
 * Interests: Music Synthesizer, Ambient devices, Mind hacking, Arduino, ARM, micro-controllers, Android.

Interested in ATXHackspace as a place to meet and collaborate on interesting projects, take classes, do some teaching, and make use of specialized tools I do not have in my home workshop.

I am an Electronics/software/embedded design engineer working in Austin and an avid hobbyist and supporter of home electronics hobby. I run where I do occasional articles at the site of interest to hobbyist.

My profesional skills included Electronics design, mostly digital and micro-controller, and some analog design. Much of my work is with desktop and embedded software design. Languages include C/C++, C#, Java, PHP, Javascript. I have even done a very small amount of Python. I have built websites with PHP, MySQL, and raw HTML.

The electronics design and software work I do during the day involve GPS, guidance, and steering systems used mostly in agriculture applications. My home projects are usualy related to sound generation, Arduino, and ideas that might make money. I have way more ideas then time to realize them.

I have done IPhone and Android development, even have a app in the Android market; a simple app to learn the process of development with.

I also have an enterprize application which analyses SPAM email logs, generating admin and user reports on email usuage. This software sells via a distrubutor and makes money to buy toys and to stock my home workshop.

I would love to help others with projects and to share ideas.


*Chairman of Class Committee - Class policy
*Fancy RFID Badge