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In order to keep our spacI as tidy as possible, it has come to our attention that we need better ways to show our members where things belong. We'd like to implement the following indicators:

  • Shadows or full-scaled images of tools to be affixed to the pegboard where the tool belongs. This might also require a label be placed on the tool itself to match with a label on the pegboard image?
  • Clear plastic shoeboxes for the tools shelf. This might also require color-coding the boxes to correspond with a color marked on the tool with paint or tape?
  • Suggestion: Use dry erase markers to make shadow images on the pegboard until the tool arrangements stabilize.
  • Suggestion: Use the wheeled cart that has 5 drawers and 2 pegboards. It was intended for tools & supplies. It has been underutilized to the point of being a waste of valuable floor space.