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This tool is no longer at ATXHS

This page is for historical purposes only. If you are interested in a replacement for it, bring the discussion up on the atxhs-discuss mailing list.


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Gecko G540
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This is a Taig Mini mill 2019CR-ER - with a Gecko G540 controller and LinuxCNC software


CNC routers and mills can perform several tasks for the Hackerspace. These are the rough categories:

  1. Very-high precision, small capacity machines for milling circuit boards
  2. High precision, medium capacity machines for milling aluminum and steel (eg Grizzly or Taig mini-mill)
  3. Large capacity machines for routing wood (4x8 foot or larger machines like ShopBots)
  4. Big knee mill which can do larger work and brutally nom its way through steel. (eg bridgeport)

Of the purposes mentioned here, a desk mill can fill niche (2). It can perform some (1) and (3) tasks if needed, but there should be better tools for those jobs. Soon™.


CNC desk mill with Bluffton Motor Works (model 1613007401): Taig CNC Mill hosted by Vaughan.jpg


Usable 3-axis cutting: January 10th 2012
Useful 3-axis toolpath generation [CAM]: Feb 15th 2012


The mill works well, but needs better software and tooling.

  • All the necessary parts are working together
  • Machine parts and connectors are now Miller-spec
  • The mill jogs at 57IPM without stalls or lost steps
  • The mill cuts! Acrylic and Aluminum...


Improve software, add capabilities

  • Acquire CAD/CAM software
  • Purchase & install limit switches
  • 4th A-axis table, could be over $600 extra!
  • Hold-down system
  • Mounting table


Taig Mini mill 2019CR-ER - with Gecko G540.
Present goal: $2000.
The Parts breakdown, email Marshall to edit. (The tool may cost less, but it needs accessories)

Pledges & Contributions

  • Project Manager - Marshall V: $500 $1100 parts
  • Software Lead - Paul B: $178.16 parts
  • Hardware Lead - Danny Miller
  • Contributor: Joe Saunders: $100
  • Contributor: Pat: $100
  • Contributor: Jeff: $100
  • Contributor: Matt Ludlum: $100
  • Contributor: Martin Bogomolni Gecko G540 $299

If you pledge, you will have a say in the machine bits purchased, and own a part of the tool for usage purposes.
Until such time as the Hackerspace can arrange purchase of this machine, it will be a hosted tool.