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Question about "Variations"

Steve, this page represents the official logos for our own use, as well as media use. We had a long processes to define, and refine it so that it would be "the" logo , and it was reached by group consensus.

Since this page is a media resource, I'm not sure it's the right place for individual's variations on the theme to be. Perhaps on a sub-page? I would interpret a 'variation' to be closer to the 'holiday bat' (a modification) rather than a full re-interpretation.

Kindly, -Martin

Yeah - that's fair. It seems a shame to delete stuff like the holiday-bat - because we just know that they'll be needed someday. But I agree that it's important to distinguish the "Official" logo(s) more clearly. SteveBaker 09:55, 20 December 2011 (CST)
Well, we'll save holiday logos and other "themed" versions of the logo on a sub-page or archive page. Same as the Google Doodles! That way they won't be lost.Martin B