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Regular Membership Meeting - Tuesday, December 18th, 7:30PM

(I apologize for the sparse notes. Due to a technical problem my notes were lost and I'm recreating them from memory. -Mert)

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Quorum Reached?:YES

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Class Schedule Organization

Presented by: Evelyn Nelson

Planning meeting went well We have commitments for 17 classes. Director of facilities to provide temporary classrooms.

Election of Directors

Presented by: Matt Mancuso, Director of Human Resources

Directorships are open. Please email Matt ( if you are interested.

Space Planning, with Tape (ongoing)

Presented by: Matt Mancuso, Director of Human Resources

Two layouts are laid out on the floor with tape. Final plan proposals are being prepared by our architect.

Router Layout

Presented by: Danny Miller

Needs more discussion regarding required floor space and power.

Setting up temporary classrooms in the hackerspace

Presented by: Jessica Ross

Director of Facilities to provide temporary classrooms.


Sign up for Google Apps for Business

Presented by: Martin, Director of Finance

Proposal is to budget up to $50 per month for Google Apps for Business. Advantages: administration doesn't require Unix skills. Apps are integrated (e.g. you become a member and are automatically added to the mailing list)

Vote passed? YES 19 for / 1 against

Approve a Budget to expedite the installation of the access system

Presented by: Tim
[Link to Proposal]

Proposal is to allow up to $1240 for parts to install our doorsystem on two doors (one front and one rear) Vote passed? YES 22 for / 1 against

Get a plan for, and submit a quick-turnaround building permit

Presented by: Martin, Director of Finance
[Link to Proposal]

Proposal was to allocate $5000 from C1 funding for a Quick Turnaround Building Permit This will allow basic operation of the hackerspace by end of January (demolition, wiring and plumbing repairs, permits) Laser cutter installation: yes

Vote passed? YES 19 for / 1 against


Purchase yellow, permanent, security stickers for the new and old keyfobs

Presented by: Martin, Director of Finance
[Link to Proposal]

This would identify our plain white keyfobs as ATXHS patron ID (to, for example, Tech Shop) Vote was deferred

Require ATXHS orientation class to get your badge

Presented by:
Martin, Director of Finance; Michelle, Director of Administration
[Link to Proposal]
[Link to class proposal]

Vote was deferred to the next member meeting. Michelle will give a first run of the class (with Google Hangout) this Saturday. A second class will be given the last Saturday.

Should private resume submissions be allowed for the director positions?

Presented by: Mandie
Where "private" is defined as resumes that are not allowed to be viewed by the members in good standing. Current operation assumes that resumes will be posted in a protected online environment for viewing only by members in good standing.
[Related Discussion]

There was confusion as to what this proposal entails. Vote was deferred.

Meeting ended at 9:02 PM. Items below were not addressed.

Floor repair/replacement

Presented by Matt Mancuso, Director of Human Resources
Deferred until January 2013

Creating a Communications Committee

Presented by: Angie Bonser, Mandie
Should the membership consider a Communications Committee, or does this responsibility fall under the purview of the Ministry of Propoganda, Director of Administration, Director of Human Resources, etc? The persons proposing this discussion item were not willing at this time to present the topic.
[Link to Discussion]

Vote Testing (3rd Attempt)

Presented by: Marshall, Director of Operations
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