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Regular Meeting of the Membership 11/06/2012

Meeting video at this link

We're Meeting at TechShop

They are swell and very nice to host us.

We'll be working with TechShop in the future.

They have a special deal for HackerSpace members. Please see a board member about that.

Works in progress

Outreach - Evelyn Nelson, Anne Shultz, and a number of other people have been working on prospective member and new member literature. They've posted google docs of the drafts they've been working on in Google Docs (errr... Drive.) You can help out and see what needs doing by checking out this link


Showdown at Unobtainium

  • Nov. 10th - 11th
  • Venue "The Ball Farm" (Dale, TX South of AUX Airport)
  • We have a booth and will be doing the Learn To Solder Workshop

East Austin Studio Tour

  • Going on until the 18th!
  • Anne and Evelyn are showing their work off and promoting the space

Make N Bake?

  • Dec?

Huston Minimaker faire?

  • Jan. 19th
  • Stafford Center Huston

Game Development Event

  • See Paul

Co-Op Member Dues are in effect Dec. 1st!

  • You will still pay dues even if you have the $100 investment (B) share.
  • $75 per month (No Auto-Pay)
  • Monthly Auto-Pay $50 ($25 off!)
  • Family Plan $50/month for first member + $30 each additional member
  • Student Rate $30 per month

Until we have a physical space, Monthly membership is $30 for everybody.

The Reduced rate will be much harder to get going forward.

  • The people who currently have it (which means they've maintained their membership in good standing) are Grandfathered in.

We are now an LLC Co-Operative!

The purpose of a Co-Op is to further the goals of the members.

We've created something brand new in Texas, thanks to MWR Legal to create Texas' first LLC Co-Op. Every person who is a Member (has bought in) owns a chunk of the space.

Membership, Patronage, Shares

Our drive for Members to buy voting shares begins TONIGHT

Those who wish to be "Members" with a vote will buy a "B Share" at $100 (One B share, one vote.)

  • The $100 purchase is a one time thing.
    • This $100 is kept in an account for you, with your name on it.
  • You can purchase your B share on a payment plan. (More about that later.)
  • If you terminate your membership, your $100 B share is paid back
  • Members also pay their monthly dues.
  • contact and request an invoice for your B share and/or discuss payment plans.

There are three ways to get your B Share

  • Pay $100 up front
  • Sign an agreement that you will be a member of ATX Hackerspace for one year
    • $8.33/mo will be added to your dues each month
    • You will be able to vote right away, it is as if the Space has purchased you a share and you are paying that share back over the course of the year.
  • Lay-Away Payment Plan (Certain amount per month. Discuss with Treasurer)
    • You don't get a vote until you finish paying off your share
    • Lowest payment plan is $10 per month for 10 months. (or $25 for 4 months, etc.)
    • This is also in addition to your dues

Those who wish to be "Patrons", who will have the benefits of the Space and use of its tools but are not interested in voting, will continue to pay their monthly dues as usual.

Investment shares ("C" shares)

  • Money is raised for a specific purpose.
  • Cost $100 and are sold in lots of 10
  • Your FIRST lot of C shares will give you a B share
    • Subsequent lots of C shares will NOT give you more votes!
  • Pays interest and possible dividends
  • Minimum 12 month commitment.
    • If you decide to pull your investment out, payments are made on a regular schedule over 5 years with the remainder paid in a balloon payment at the end.

Co-Op Election Process


  • Expected to work roughly 15 hours per week. (Possibly more)
  • There is a possibility for compensation for Officers IF the membership votes to give it.

When are we doing this?

  • After the initial offering of B shares (two weeks is the current plan) we will have established a new quorum
    • B SHARES WILL CONTINUE TO BE AVAILABLE AFTER THESE TWO WEEKS, this is just to establish an initial quorum.

How does voting work?

  • Announcement of the available and open Directorship positions will then be made followed immediately by...
  • Call for nomination, second by another confirms a candidate.
  • Nominated candidates submit resumes & CV, published to all members for consideration
  • Based on information, members vote and select or reject Directors until a director is elected and confirmed.
    • This will happen at Meetings
    • Voting Members will also receive voting cards in the mail to send in if they can't attend in person. If their card is not sent in and they do not attend the meeting, it is considered an abstention.

Important point made in the last section about voting

For very important items (generally dealing with the quarterly meetings), voting Members will receive cards in the mail to send in if they can't attend in person. If their card is not sent in and they do not attend the meeting, it is considered an abstention.


Board members positions:

Executive Director - Runs meetings, day to day decisions, fundraiser

Director of Operations - Organizer, oversight, ensures things get done

Director of Administration ("Secretary") -Keeps notes, documents.

Director of Finance - Reports accounts, pays bills, keeps budget

Director of Human Resources ("Ombudsman") - Member rep, PR, HR New Positions: (Marshall)

Director of Education (Dean) - Organizes training and classes, tracks certs

Director of Facilities (Engineer) - Documents and maintains infrastructure

New Location!

Open Frontier: Dessau (Primary Target) 9701 Dessau - info

Ready to Hack: Longhorn (Back Burner Just in case) 2600 Longhorn - link

Lessons Learned: Realty Mistakes 8906 Wall Street - 9601 Dessau

  • Based on our experience, we decided to engage an agent
    • John Crismond of Capital Leasing worked with us at the Rutherford location and knew what kinds of things we would be looking for.
  • We've learned not to put all our eggs in one basket and keep backup plans on the burner in case things fall through.

Backup Plan! HPI and GEC both offered transferable leases.

  • So if we decide to go with a smaller location in the meantime, we can "trade up" to one of their other properties later.

Past Member Outreach

We do want to let people know about the changeover to an LLC Co-Op.

If you know anybody who is no longer a member of the Space...

  • DO: Be inviting, informative, enthusiastic!
  • Please do not: Cajole, Shame, or refuse to let it drop if given a definitive negative response.

We had a couple of people complain that some well meaning people attempted to shame them into returning and that's not the best possible face to put forward. This is certainly isn't a huge widespread problem, but it bears mentioning.

Addendum and Corrections

Student rate correction

The student rate isn't $30 per month, it's $20 off.