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Meeting called to order at 7:45 PM

• Events! (Michelle)
• Rundown on events regarding the negotiations on the new location and how they broke down. (Michelle, Marshall, etc)
o In the past we used a realtor that was a residential, that’s how we got Ruthorford and some people were unhappy with results. Which is why we didn’t go with a realtor. We found the Wall Street location and tried to work with Andrew the leasing agent for the management. Their response time was slow, and consistently didn’t make changes they said they were going to make. Finally, they started making new demands regarding payments that were not mentioned previously. We had no choice but to walk away.
• Discussion and possible vote on a temporary location for the most important tools (Michelle, Martin)
o Der Pflergurhaus will be the temp home
• Discussion of potential new locations (Evelyn, Angie, Paul, Marshall, Danny, etc.)
o Wall Street is still sending us offers – The price is actually going up. We’re just not going to burn a bridge there. We are going to ignore his most recent offer and maybe he’ll keep sending us
o A management company called Live Oak is
 Dessau Location – 7500, 50% warehouse, 50% office. 5 min north of the old space. Dessau and Rundburg Lane. Newly refurbished, ADA bathrooms, kitchen/breakroom with dishwasher/fridge cutout and overhead cabinets. Three docking bays, there is an option for a ramp. Offices have A/C, the workshop doesn’t have A/C but it seems to have pretty good insulation. They have door strikes already installed that will work with our current cards.
 Budget
 Monetization Committee -
 Matt/Tim – Co-Working
 Daniel – Extra Storage Micro Payments
 Danny – Floor Planning
 Paul – Store
 No TI? We are bound to use their contractor (but they Bid Multiple Contractors) This lowers the rent.
 Ask about if the parking between building 1 and 2 is not stripped. Can it be stripped? How many spaces are guaranteed?
 Burnett Location - $0.57 psf – there are two options
 5.5K sq feet
 Needs to be wiki’ed and visited.
 One of the thinks to ask is if we’re doing a TAR form rather then a Lease
 Shoal Creek - Possible
 Research – We told them no thank you so far
• Vote on signing the LOI on Dessau with TI will do a rolling vote
o TI could be removed later and LOI is just like an engagement ring, you can still back out.
• Touring Committee
o Jon, Marshall, Tim, Danny, Evelyn, Angie, Paul
• Explicit space criteria list for realty search (Paul, Marshall)
Meeting adjourned.