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- New By Laws - Call James Choat at the lawyers - Lawyers will gives us the frame work.

   - They will want their fee
   - We believe it would be best to pay for it out of the account

- Member Feedback - Weekly Report - Figuing out “Series A” - A description of the - Figuring out “Series B” - LLC Members must meet - Board members meet to go over drafts of Bylaws and getting feedback

Board passes Member Direction for Faux Op

Family Membership Level: - You must have the same last name and or same address - $55 for primary and $30 for each additional member - THERE WILL BE ONE INVOICE - The card will included on the family plan

Let it be passed that ATX Hackerspace will adopt a family membership plan for people with the same last name and/or same address. Whos primary member shall pay $55 per month with $30 for each additional individual, to be invoiced collectively.

Passes unanimously.

Day Passes - Voted down unanimously

Danny will receive a party card to act as a host on Mondays

- Web hosting - we will possibly need to move to rack space. We will have to get a new batch of security cards.

Let it be know that if a member is 60 days late in membership dues payment, that member is now in bad standing. A member in bad standing does not have a vote, will have access denied to the space and any items left at the space will be considered abandoned. If a member in bad standing would like to re-join ATX Hackerspace, they will have to petition to become a member as if they were new.

Passes unanimously.