Meeting Notes/20120515

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General Meeting of the Membership

Space Cleanup - Right now the space has a new layout. The tools are rearranged and put away. The only stuff left are the LED panels and the three tables which will be put into storage. Thanks to Paul, Matt Mancuso, Tim, and Angie.

Status of Wall Street Negotiations - They have our floor plans and they will, eventually, return an estimate. - Joe asks about some places around Braker and Lamar. - Layout for the new space discussed

Mini Maker Faire - It was great! - Lots of interest - Workshops are in our near future

- Marshall would like to do a beam robots workshop
- Michelle wants to start a group of people to do educational outreach with students/scouts/campers.

- Blinken Bat Kits (and the space's cut Ann and Kat graciously allowed us for wooden flashlights and stickers respectively) made more then enough money to fund the next round of Blinken Bat kits (over $400). Anything from this fund NOT used to pay back Paul for the previous batch or the new batch will be put towards moving to the new space.

Financial Report - Moved to the quartlerly.