Meeting Notes/20120320

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Meeting called to order at...7:37 pm

  • VOTE: Change the meeting schedule to the 1st and 3rd Tuesdays of the month ( Martin )

- Deferred

  • Announcements about Mini Maker Faires Austin and Lubbock (Michelle)

- We have a booth and a learn to solder workshop at Austin Mini Maker Faire - Lubbock is far away.

  • End-of-month party needs a couple volunteers, status report ( Martin )

- Deferred

  • MoM wants you to clean your mess ( Martin )

- MoM members will be meeting early Saturday to clean the space before game night. - MoM possibly renamed to MoB (Ministry of Bulldozers) - 4:30 PM Saturday and “Junk Purgatory” will be created.. Purgatory will be the trailer.

  • A Replicator from MBI is coming, who is interested in 3D classes? ( Martin )

- Deferred

  • Tool committee re-org, Vice Chair statement on Committees. ( Marshall )

- We now have a budget for the tool committee and David seems to want to hand it over. Vice-Chair would like to hand over tool purchases autonomously with a review regularly. Looking for at least one more member for the tool committee. Committees should have monthly meetings. There is a publicly available tool request list is available on google docs. - questions about network committee - all committees are volunteers

  • Sphiro event

- Need to ping Robert (RJ) for the conference space.

  • Lawyers gave us feedback on the Co-Op

- Ran down options listed in the Lawyers’ email

Meeting Adjourned!