Meeting Notes/20120214

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Weekly Meeting of the Membership - 2/14/2012, 7:30PM


Recording of the minutes delegated to Mandie Kramer and Evelyn Nelson.


  • Quorum is 21, there are 12 people present, 14 proxy votes.
  • Proxy votes have been recorded, quorum is met for voting items.

Agenda Items

Floor Plan for New Space

Mandie reminded members that the Floor Plan for the New Space survey will expire end of day on Monday therefore result will be announced on Tuesday's meeting/Open House. Please give your input as to what you'd like to see built: SURVEY

Hiatus Clarification

People are worried that they will lose their Confirmed status if they go on hiatus. The policy has been clarified and posted to our policy page. The policy is:

If a Confirmed member in good standing goes on hiatus, their confirmed status along with all privileges earned through classes and training are preserved when they return.
If a Confirmed member has dues owed and leaves, those dues must be paid, or forgiven by the Board ("be in good standing") before retuning.

Mandie apologizes for bringing up the issue again, not having paid attention to last week's notes. This issue is closed unless anyone objects to the policy as stated.

Mini Maker Faire, Solder Practice PCBs

The Mini Maker Faire is now on May 12, 2012 instead of April. Their new location is [Pine Street Station] on Waller and E. 5th.

Michelle et al want to make "learn to solder" pins as discussed in last week's meeting. "We are thinking $3 for the badge, $5 for the badge and teaching you how to solder. We don't want to spend more than $250, but we should be less than $200."

(Conservative estimate was $250, but should be under $230)


Mandie  – Is there money in the treasury to do this?
Martin – Yes, we do have the funds to do this.


HackBat Logo as Creative Commons

We continued from last week's meeting the discussion to make the HackBat a creative commons logo.


Final Notes

Meeting ended at 7:53pm. Goal reached for the meeting being under 30 minutes!