Meeting Notes/20111229

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Emergency Board Meeting - 12/29/2011, 8:00PM

Role Call

Board members present:

Jon Jelly Tim Fredlund Matt Mancuso Martin Bogomolni

Agenda Item : Allocating and spending the surplus

  • Air Assist : $300
  • Corel Draw : $140
  • Soldering Statins : $500
  • Saw Stop : $1650


Martin will withdraw the requisite amounts from the bank account prior to 2012, and attempt to place orders for the Air Assist and Soldering Stations. We already have Corel Draw X5. The Saw Stop will need to be ordered in 2012, as we do not have enough surplus to cover the full cost.

Get quote from WoodCraft for the saw stop 1.75hp cabinet saw, and all required accessories, as well as either the 36" or 52" fence. Look into the cost of a dust collection system.