Meeting Notes/20111220

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Weekly Meeting of the Membership - 12/20/2011, 7:30PM

Finances + Buffer Spending

The final amount we have to spend is $2504, excluding our pre-paid buffer.

Leaving money in the bank is an option -- we can pay taxes on it now. Martin does not know how much of it would be taxed, but probably about 25%ish.

Danny would like to advocate purchasing a SawStop. This devices prevents people from injuring themselves at almost any extent. Furthermore, it is suggested that it would make most sense to purchase the largest version outright since there is no way to reliably upgrade it later. Alternatively, some of the cash could be used on a down payment and the space could finance the rest. If Joe sees the seriousness of a sawstop brought in, he will bring in a planer and a joiner.

Jeff thinks that money could be better spent on soldering stations and assorted equipment. There are enough members and non-members that might be interested in having a class that it would financially make sense to start teaching these classes (with such equipment). This equipment would strictly be for through-hole soldering, its not any kind of top-of-the-line soldering product. The equipment suggested is the same used in Mitch Altman's soldering classes. 10-15 would be the minimum number of units to be worth an instructor's time. The suggested cost is $650.

We could also simply pay rent even more forward for the time being, and save money for utilities.

20 votes passes a movement for an air-assist kit, soldering kits, and another copy of CorelDraw X4.

Air Assist

Martin has done some research, and we could replace the laser head with the air assist laser head (air cone + optics) for $267.59. An air-assist head would help prevent fires from forming and/or reaching into material. Other than the head, the remainder of the parts need to be purchased by the space. It needs a compressor, drier/filter, and pressure regulator. Someone has offered up a mini-compressor from Houston. Us adding the air-assist head will not be against our lease terms, since it is not a permanent modification of the laser itself.

New Space A/C

Nathan has spec'ed out the new space to require ~$13K for equipment and install. We may be able to get away with just ~$7500 for strictly equipment. Due to the complications of this and questions of ownership of the installed AC, we've tabled this for now.

Party Allocations

Martin has requested that we set aside $75/mo for end of month parties. This passed unanimously.