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Weekly Meeting of the Membership
- 11/22/2011, 7:30PM

Conversion from Quickbooks

Martin is looking at making a conversion from Quickbooks to Kashoo. Its very simple to use and significantly cheaper. Kashoo is willing to make it work for us. We'll use freshbooks integration for invoices, and we'll use a Google spreadsheet to supplement it.

ACH Usage

A possibility for using ACH might be available through members' bank's auto-pay features. Members wishing to utilize ACH can email and receive routing and account numbers for a deposit-only account. Members interested are encouraged to use ACH between the 1st and 10th of each month. Information will be available on the wiki. ACH would allow members to have direct control over monthly payments with the ability to place a stop payment at any time.

Other Payment Methods

Members wanting to pay via check, cash, card: Pay your dues to "ATX Hackerspace, 1601 Rutherford Ln, Suite A200, Austin, TX 78754." Cards will be turned off for consistently late payments.

Financial Transparency

People have been asking for more financial transparency. Martin will set up a wiki page called finances, which will be updated at the end of every month. All payment information will be anonymous, but all cashflow in and out will be transparent. It will look like a P&L statement.

Space Move Update

John Crismond offers the ability to move to the new proposed space for the same rent that we're paying now, under the condition that the landlord will still be able to store things on-site. The unpaid space will be unavailable for use, and will be segmented off, though the details of this deal are not fully negotiated. We're putting together an estimate regarding how much the move itself will cost us. Material left at the space by the owner is not covered under our insurance, and is not our problem.

We're now allowed to perform work on the facilities ourselves, and can install the necessary equipment for Cerberus-Prox to function. The Board should meet with Martin somewhere (his house, etc) to discuss with John Crismond. Matt Mancuso suggests Friday for board meeting. There will be free rent during the transition (60 days).

Regarding FotSC and Moving

There is disagreement whether the future of the space committee should be decoupled from the moving decision, with a slight trend towards believing it should be decoupled.

Injection Molding Project

Paul Bonser wants to build and keep an injection-molding machine at the space. It will be a tabletop machine, approximately the size of a drill press. Molds can be made from aluminum, plaster, etc. Thermoplastics should be melting and not burning, so fumes shouldn't be an issue. The maximum mold size is about 3oz of plastic, which is about 6x6x6 inches. There are currently no objections for it being here.

Desktop CNC

Steve Baker is offering to donate his desktop CNC router. It comes with its own desk, but takes up a fair amount of space. He will give it outright to the space on the condition that if it gets scrapped, he gets first salvage rights. Martin volunteers his geckodrive as a replacement electronics kit.