Meeting Notes/20111011

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Weekly Meeting of the Membership - 10/11/2011, 7:30PM


We currently have < $500 available for spending, and $6973 total in the bank ($4500 of which is our buffer). There are $2000 of outstanding bills, including the plan to purchase shelving. We have about $500 available. Joe proposes that to prevent future issues with cashflow tracking, receipts for petty cash must get to the treasurer within 30 days or the repay is forfeit.

Handing non-paying members

"Pay your dues, or else what?" People aren't paying their dues on time, reliably. How do we handle this. 30% of members haven't paid yet this month. Joe proposes that we remove access to scheduled tools if payments are late. We'll consider ways to form year-long memberships, and incentivise automatic payments.

Lathe Tooling

Joe proposes that we spend up to $300 on tooling for the lathe. Ebo has offered to buy the tool post holder himself. We'll table this until next week and discuss a budget for parts. Please bring list of parts and prices to the next meeting for discussion.