Meeting Notes/20110830

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Weekly Meeting of the Membership
- 8/30/2011, 7:30PM

Space Cleanliness

The space has been super messy lately. Martin has been cleaning the space pretty frequently and doesn't want to do it anymore. The most commonly left out tools are screwdrivers and drill bits.

Joe suggests adding more shadowing to indicate where tools are supposed to go (this will make tools go back to where they're supposed to be on their own).

Martin suggests that we rotate the existing tables to face towards the back of the shop (instead of longways). This will allow us to use the wall the tables are against as a pegboard wall, at the expense of covering up our mural.

We may be able to move the flammables cabinet to use space more efficiently under the stairs. We need to collaborate on better plans for organization.


This month we've had lots of expenses. We should have brought in 2700 dollars, but instead took in 2400. Most of the non-paying members have good reasons this month. A few members have voiced that they didn't feel they got invoiced with enough time. We have 2200.59 in expenses, and we have other un-included expenses which even out our income.

We're growing by 4-5 members a month steadily. We could potentially offer classes to the outside world to help bolster our incoming funding.


The space is one year old today! Also, our rent has gone up to $950 a month fro $925

Laser Stuff

People have been using the store, woo-hoo! There is a Laser Cutter training course on the store now. We have an account with Regal Plastics and are working on an account with Home Depot for laser cutter material.

If you want to add stuff to the store, talk to Martin.