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Weekly Meeting of the Membership
- 8/23/2011, 7:30PM

There are not enough members for a quorum. Today's meeting will be informational only, no voting.

Martin out of Town

Martin will be leaving for Florida on 9/1/2011, and will return on labor day.

Scissor Lift

There will be a scissor lift dropped off on 8/31/2011 to replace bulbs, remove the disco ball, and do any other ceiling work in the main area. We will only have it for one day. There may also be an attempt to throw some sort of plastic or covering over the exposed wall of the mezzanine.

Laser Cutter Scheduling

Jon has created a shared calendar on Google for blocking hours on the laser cutter. The suggested block size is two hours. The proposed method for blocking and using the laser cutter is:

  • Block a two-hour section on the Laser Cutter Calendar. If you don't have access to it (you should), message Jon.
  • Show up to the space to use the laser cutter.
  • There will be a log book. Sign in to the log book to show that you showed up to use the hours you reserved.
  • Use the laser cutter.

Make sure to sign the log book to show that the laser wasn't needlessly reserved and then the time wasted. Members who repeatedly reserve the cutter but never show up to use it may be penalized. Members may sign up for two blocks on the calendar if they're free, but if another member wishes, they may override the second block (This is to encourage sharing of a tool that is in high-demand).

Laser Cutter Instructor Training

Martin will be holding the alpha class for the laser cutter instructors tonight; it will be a demo of the full basic class (approximately 1 hour long), with some special notes to instructors. Nathan Scherrer, Tim Fredlund, Matt Mancuso, and Gardner Williams will be made instructors of the course. Unlike other tools, once a person has received training on the laser cutter, this does not automatically clear them to teach others how to use it. Only appointed/trained instructors will teach members how to use the laser cutter.