Meeting Notes/20110705

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Weekly Meeting of the Membership
- 7/5/2011, 7:30PM

Martin: Finances

The first of the month is here; get in your payments! In order to get the laser cutter, we have to pay the first and last months' rent. Please pay your dues on time.

Jeff: Member Survey

Jeff will be sending out a link for the survey tonight. The survey will be anonymous. Please be honest, but remember the board is reading it.

Jeff: Sleeping at the Space

Someone brought up that that apparently there is someone who has been sleeping at the space. Sleeping at the space on a regular basis, as if you're living at the space, guarantees that someone is going to talk to you about the issue. If you decide to crash here on an occasional basis, cool. If you're sleeping overnight, don't. It's not cool. This is not supposed to be a living space.

We're going to put together a policy that discourages extended or regular overnight stays at the space. We need to discuss what the language is going to be. We didn't want to bring this up but we have to bring it up.

Martin: Missing Money

We are short again. This time the can in the fridge was missing money. Last Friday there was $22, now there is $8. We are short $14. Martin will send an e-mail to the members list regarding this. Martin is going to stop filling the donation can with petty cash (to be used to make change), so now the can will only contain donations.

Martin: MakerBot

MakerBot industries is sending us a Thingomatic. Martin made a deal with them that we will cut some parts on the laser cutter to help with their capacity.

Martin: Laser cutter

We have a lease (rental agreement) in hand. The first payment is $599 (not first and last month as was expected). If we sign the lease, there is a $500 cancellation fee if we decide we don't want the laser. The board needs to review the rental/leasing agreement.