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Weekly Meeting of the Membership
- 6/28/2011, 7:30PM


The first of the month is coming, get in your payments! In order to get the laser cutter, we have to pay the first and last months' rent. Please pay your dues on time.


We have insurance again! The same company that dropped us re-insured us after Martin spent time on the phone with them for "a very long time". They needed a better definition of what a hackerspace is. They've decided we are a ~$1500 dollar risk. Our insurance cost will be $90/month excluding initial fees. They are also providing us with one quarter's worth of business insurance now, should we meet with disaster as a business.

Selling Your Product through ATX Hackerspace

If you made your product and sold it to someone via the online store at ATX Hackerspace, the hackerspace's insurance does not cover your product!

Laser Cutter

As of this meeting, the LLC is still working to get all financial information in to be approved for the rental. The board has not seen a rental agreement for it yet. It is estimated that the 'space will see the laser cutter delivered in mid-July if all goes according to plan. Our agreement with them is for one year. They cannot attempt to sell it until that term is up. This was a sales floor unit.


Martin has negotiated a free training session! The trainer will have to drive from Arlingon, TX. A subset of our membership will learn through the trainer. Those who have been trained on the laser will then teach more groups until everyone who wants to learn has. Members MUST be trained before using the laser cutter.

Maintenance and Repair

A bi-annual maintenance will be performed. If the laser breaks, they will repair it. If the optics fail (and we didn't do it), they will replace it. If we damage the carriage, that's our fault and they won't repair it. If we damage anything on the laser cutter, we will have to repair it, and there is nothing cheap about this laser!


We can't install the door until the laser is up there!


Clear came by and dropped off a new modem. According to them, every modem is tested every hour. Their tests show that we are receiving 5-7Mb. We have "hammered" them before, but they only throttle right after they notice it. We were being throttled only about 5% of the time. They don't do this for business accounts. We might have to look beyond the modem for our problem.

New Clear Business Subscription

We are going to subscribe to their business subscription. It's going to cost us $55/month plus a $25/month rental on an exterior modem they will be mounting outside. Our service will be 7-10Mb down and 1Mb up. Roof access is already granted by the landlord. This new business plan with Clear is a contract for two years. We can back out one week past the install of the outdoor antenna.

Missing Petty Cash

$60 went missing from our petty cash envelope a couple weeks ago. It was the total sum of money in the envelope at that time. It went missing over a period of three days. No money has gone missing since. We waited a couple weeks to see if it would be returned or a receipt would be turned in, but as of the date of this meeting it has not been accounted for. If someone spent that money for a hackerspace purchase, please see Martin with a receipt or talk to Jeff Keyzer about it.

The petty cash has been removed from its previous location. When the mezzanine is finished, a cash register will be put up there to handle petty cash.

Only the board members are supposed to access petty cash. If you need to spend money on behalf of the space, ask a board member!

Policies Wiki Page

There is now a policies page! If you see something is missing, please feel free to add it. If you're unsure of a policy, ask the board.

Swap Meet Planning

Swap meet planning is going on tomorrow at Martin's house from 7-8pm. There's a mailing list for this. Ask Martin to subscribe to the separate mailing list and to get Martin's address.

Event Space at Rackspace

Robert Jamail announced that there is an events-planning group where he works at Rackspace. Would members of the hackerspace be interested in hosting any meetings at their location? Maybe the hackerspace could put together a meet'n'greet there. We could do a few demos, etc. Would anyone like to head this up? Talk to Robert.


Rackspace might provide pizza. There are projectors on both sides of the room, etc.

Paul Bonser's Treadmill

Paul has a project that involves a fold-up treadmill. He wants to make something that will control it with a micro-controller that will adjust the speed of the treadmill with the beat of music. He needs temporary storage space.

Vote: to store it in the hackerspace for a month.
Vote passed.


The MakerBot works! Matt Mancuso has been tinkering with it incessantly to get it to work. We could use this to make money for the space. Martin would like to advertise this on the store.

Vote: To print things for non-members through the hackerspace store to make money for the space, charging 10 cents/gram of ABS. The actual material cost is 4 cents/gram.
Vote Postponed: Members wanted to discuss this concept further on the list. This will set a precedent on how we handle the prioritization of use of equipment by members for their own benefit vs. use for generating hackerspace funds.

ATX Hackerspace Online Store

If there's stuff you want to see in the store, let Martin know! The store is for internal and external use. Members have a discount at the store! You'll need a login to identify yourself as a member.

MakerBot Class

Makerbot Class, July 1st!