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Annual Meeting of the Membership
- 6/18/2011, 5:00PM

Voting for a New Member-at-Large

Nominations for the Member-at-Large were:

Jeff Keyzer is our new Member-at-Large with 14 votes to Marshall's 5 votes.

Voting for the Chairman of the Board

Nominations for the Chairman were:

Jon Kelly is our new Chairman with 11 votes to Matt's 8 votes.

6-Month Financial Buffer Proposed

Matt McCabe proposed a 6-month buffer instead of the current 3-month buffer at the last board meeting [earlier that day]. Six months is usually how businesses are run; it's a good small business practice. This is suggested as more of a target instead of something we have to adhere to religiously. Things to consider on this issue:

  • We are averaging ~$800 in unallocated funds monthly on average currently.
  • We are eliminating the stakeholder membership level. There are currently 9 members at that level, and they provide a total of 45% of our monthly income. Our financial flexibility might be reduced in the near future.
  • Unpredictable things can occur at the space, such as theft or fire. For instance: our insurance was dropped on Friday. We may have to find new insurance at a higher price.

This issue is tabled, and the board will discuss at the next board meeting.

Stakeholder Membership Level

The board was ready to change the bylaws to reflect the removal of the stakeholder membership level, but they realized they can't without the membership voting first for this to be done.

So, the vote: To remove the stakeholder membership level option and associated benefits. This vote passed.

The second vote: Board members may issue "party mode" cards to members in good standing who are hosting open hours. This vote passed.

The bylaws will be altered at the next board meeting.

Documentation of Policies at the Space

Jeff Keyzer says: Documentation needs to be better! We will work on getting a new member packet together and on updating the wiki. A prominent policies tab will be added at the top level of the wiki menu.

Laser Cutter

Jeff Keyzer really, really wants a laser cutter. If we fund-raise for $1200, we'll be able to rent the laser proposed at $400/month. Jeff will send out an email petitioning the membership for laser cutter funding.

Vote: if Jeff can raise $1200, we will add that to the $300/month already approved and get the laser cutter. Passed!


Matt McCabe has been paying out-of-pocket for our internet services and he doesn't want to do it anymore. We need a new solution.

Vote: To sign up for our own Clear account and let Matt shut his down. We'll get a business-class modem for $55/month. Vote passed!

What happens if there is an objection to a newly confirmed member?

We discussed how to handle the situation.

Vote: If there is an objection to a provisional member who has collected seven (7) signatures, the objection will be read at the next meeting of the membership where there is a quorum. After hearing the objection and discussing the issue(s), the membership will vote on whether or not to make the provisional member a member in good standing. Vote passed.

This policy will be added to the bylaws during the next appropriate board meeting.

2nd Annual Party in November

It's time to begin planning the party if we're going to have one.

Vote: To have a party in November. Vote passed.