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Quarterly Meeting of the Board
- 6/18/2011, 4:00PM


55 confirmed members
70 members total.
7 have yet to pay monthly dues.
Membership participation is increasing linearly. We are gaining 5 members/month on average.

$4800 balance in the bank at the beginning of the month
$2429 paid in dues so far this month
$1332 expenses so far this month

Inventory value currently stands at $36,000 in equipment and materials.

The board should discuss if we want to keep the 3-month financial buffer or a 4-6 month buffer.


Our insurance was just dropped Friday. We are getting a refund for the unused portion. We don't know if it's linked, but we were recently reported to OSHA. We have no obligation to follow OSHA, and turned them away at the door.

Stakeholder Membership

We discussed the phasing out the stakeholder level of membership. We plan to propose that party cards are given out by the board to members that are hosting regular events. We should discuss/inform about how party mode cards will be used with this new development.

Should members who contribute more than the regular membership dues be recognized with pledge/thank-you gifts?

The membership didn't vote on this during the last member meeting. We'll have to schedule another board meeting to adjust the bylaws if necessary after a vote during the membership meeting.

Budget Approvals

Budget for the laser cutter rental from Omni Leasing, which is $300/month plus operating costs. This is no longer relevant. The laser cutter has been sold out from under us. They have a new offer for $400/month on another laser cutter, but the membership will need to decide what to do.

A reloadable debit card for the head of the Tool Committee, David Mitchell is needed.

Vote: Give David Mitchell $100/month to buy tools for the space. If larger tools are needed, he can save up and budget. The Green Dot card has a $5/month charge for service. The Bank of America reloadable debit card is another option. It may have more associated fees, but it will be linked with the other ATX Hackerspace accounts for ease of use. Vote passed unanimously: Issue in the name of David Mitchell a reloadable Bank of America debit card with $100/month.

Provisional Member Policies

Currently, our bylaws claim that provisional members need to be confirmed by a simple majority at a membership meeting. Our actual current practice is to have the provisional member fill out a provisional member form and collect seven signatures for the intent of becoming confimred as a member. There is a 24-hour period after the signatures are issued to the Member-at-Large, who will send out a notification about the confirmed member to the rest of the membership in good standing, asking if there are any objections from the current membership. This needs to be updated in the bylaws. The membership also needs to decide what happens if there is an objection! This will be brought up in the next members' meeting.

Vote: To change the bylaws as above: Passed unanimously.


Should we link documents to the bylaws? Use the "talk" portion of a wiki page to add the link. Don't change the bylaws document.

Member at Large Resigning

End of Duty Report from Jon Kelly

There's been a lot of concern about the direction things are going and the stocking of things, tools, etc. There's a lot of forward movement in the space, and that is good. Jon thinks there are a lot of people who can fill this position better. This is why he is stepping down. He still has goals within the board, and hopes he can continue as the chairman.

Group/Gift Membership Purchases

It was brought to the Member-at-Large's attention that members are wanting to be able to purchase group or gift memberships. Good idea! Can we sell them in the store? It has the capability. We'll work on this. Martin Bogomolni will look into it.

Chairman Resigning

End of duty report from Matthew McCabe

Matt's been doing this since the beginning of the hackerspace. He'd been talking about creating a hackerspace for years and it finally came together. He did the job because he felt like we needed guidance and leadership starting off. He feels like he did a good job, and he screwed up a few times, but he's done his part to make the members happy. He's not leaving as an owner or LLC member, to be clear. He's stepping down for two big reasons: 1) He hasn't had the time to give the position what it needs (and he thinks we all need to call each other on this if that becomes the case for anyone) 2) We have plenty of people here that can step into the role. He's nominated Jon Kelly, Jeff Keyzer and Robert Jamail. The Member-at-Large really needs to be the devil's advocate of the board, in his opinion. Feedback: The board needs to focus on keeping the members happy and keeping the organization happy and successful and thriving, and doing both of those things at the same time.

We have four legally binding documents that will have to be re-signed by the new chairman of the board. AT&T, ADT, Clear (Matt is still paying for it, and the space needs to pick up that cost.) . . . and one other(?).