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General Meeting of the Membership
- 5/17/2011, 7:30PM


Time Warner is not an option! We will search for possibilities other than Clear. TW will be $150 or more per month. TW Communications' base service is 1010 for $799 per month. We can't afford this. RJ will do research on possibilities.


7 people have not paid. Contacting those responsible has happened with little response. Their cards no longer function as of the 10th.

We've only taken in $1700 so far this month. $4500 is in the bank currently.

We are losing 3 members.

Swap Meet

Martin wants a swap meet for computers and electronics! He will be responsible for making this go. The landlord is okay with having this in the parking lot on a weekend as long as no other tenants complain. Hopefully the event will bring exposure to the hackerspace and will be a source of revenue. We need to file for a (free) event permit. We will provide a 10x10 space (two parking spots) and power for booths for a small fee. We'd like to attract food vendors, sell soft drinks, etc. The membership voted yes for this event. The Vice Chairman, Mike Rich appointed Martin to be in charge of this committee.

UPDATE: A swap meet planning page has been created.

Laser Cutter

Extensive research has been done on the laser cutter options. Many members think that a few preferred laser cutter options should be chosen, and then we'll vote on it. A committee will be formed to research all options and present to the membership.

  • How much does it cost?
  • What are our options?
  • How can we make it pay for itself?

Vice Chairman, Mike Rich has approved Weston for heading up this committee.

National/International Hackerspace Convention

Martin wants to do this. Who is with him? Martin openly invites people to come and help him organize the event. This is not necessarily an ATXHS thing, but Martin would like us to be involved. Martin is thinking of starting off the first year's event at a hotel with ~300 attendees.

Ebo's Mill

A hackerspace member was poking Ebo to bring his mill (large, will need to be bolted down). It's a 50's vintage mill. He would like to move it here, and potentially make it into a CNC. It weighs 2800lbs. This would be a hosted tool. It will be a couple years before Ebo would move it to wherever he will live then. The membership voted "yes" to begin researching what it will take to get the mill move to the hackerspace.

Thefts in the Area

Three A/Cs were stolen from the complex in the past couple of weeks. Ours were not stolen because the bolts are too rusty! Please watch out for suspicious behavior in the back of the building. Don't go after any suspicious people, but DO CALL THE COPS!

Space Augmentation

Our landlord was so impressed with how we've been using the space, they trust us now! We can attach things to the ceiling up to 200lbs. We can do our own plumbing!