Meeting Notes/20110412

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General Meeting of the Membership
- 4/12/2011, 7:30PM


$2280 has been taken in this month in member dues; $80 is still expected to come in. If everyone pays their dues, we will have $4383 in the bank.

Will be filing taxes ASAP (even though we got an extension). We are running at a loss. This is a good thing!


Inventory was taken this past Saturday. We found that we have $31,000 (replacement cost) in equipment at the space.

There are a few things we need to verify ownership for (aka, has it been donated or is it hosted by the owner?

  • Cricut Expression
  • Jonathan Leistiko's LCD monitor
  • Black & Decker Workmate(?) bench
  • Sawsall

Other items will be posted to the email list. We'll need to know the value of these items.

LLC Meeting, Discussed Shares

LLC had a meeting this Thursday to discuss share-buying. If you're interested in buying into the LLC, talk to Martin, Mike or Matt ASAP!

Scouting for a Bigger Space

We'll be asking the landlord if we can get a tour of the potential larger spaces in the complex. Let Martin know if you want to come with.

Old Wiki

YES! We are working on killing the old wiki.

Nerd Movie Night and Birthday Celebration

Friday, 22nd April will be the next Nerd Movie Night. $70 for snacks, drinks and birthday cake was voted on by quorum. We'll be celebrating Marshall's birthday!

Soldering Comic/Tutorial

Jeff Keyser made a comic about teaching people how to solder. A stack of printed copies is in the front room for you to pick up an share.

Chaos Communications Camp (CCC)

Interested in joining? Talk to Jeff Keyser.

Hiring at Chaotic Moon

Matt McCabe's company is hiring. He needs phone app developers. Contact him if you're interested.

Arduino 101

The next Arduino 101 will be on April 30th. Contact Martin if you're interested.