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General Meeting of the Membership
- 3/29/2011, 7:30PM


We currently have 54 confirmed members, for a total of 58 total members. (Please check the provisional members board!) All but two of those members paid this month, but the last payment came in on the 24th. Something needs to be done about this!

Income this month: $2985 Total Balance: $3483 Actual Current Balance: $3298 (due to pending transactions)

We had our insurance re-evaluated. The current value of objects in the space has been refined. Our monthly payment is now $133.55. Our security alarm will cost $30/month. We spent ~$300 at Home Depot this month for the mezzanine.

Incentive to Pay Membership Dues

We reached quorum in this meeting, and voted in a new policy to act as incentive for people to pay their membership dues on time:

1. Members will receive an invoice 10 days before the first of the month (when membership dues should ideally be paid). 2. If a member has not submitted a payment, a warning email will be sent to them at least 24 hours before their access card is turned off. 3. If a member has not submitted a payment on the 10th of the month and has made no effort to explain non-payment, their access card will be turned off until membership dues have been paid.

We need people to pay the first week of the month. Most bills are paid by then. Hopefully this new policy will help members pay their dues by this time frame each month.


Matt McCabe is looking for employees for his new business (Chaotic Moon). Talk to him if interested.


Belton Hamfest is this Saturday. Derek is going; let him know if you want to carpool.

Linux Fest is also this Saturday. One more ticket is available. Talk to Paul Bonser if you're interested.


We've found a company that will prep the drywall for painting for $220 plus tax. This is a good thing! We'll do it!

We're looking for windows for the mezzanine. If you can find one, bring it in! We're looking for an actual window that will provide sound insulation. A width of two or three studs would be great! Single pane is not as good as double pane.

Flooring is cheap at Habitat for Humanity. We could do a vinyl floor for $75.

Phases of building still needing to occur:

  • window installation
  • insulation installation ($100)
  • sheet rock prep (the guys we'll pay to do this will be in by 9AM, out by 1PM, and we can paint that night)
  • paint