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General Meeting of the Membership
- 3/22/2011, 7:30PM


We only have one non-paying member this month! Yay! We need ideas on how to get people to pay their dues without so much teeth-pulling. Suggestions? Ideas discussed in the meeting:

  • Have members' door keys shut off after a 7-day grace period of not paying.
  • Make the emailed reminders (currently sent out on the 1st and the 8th of every month for those who have not yet paid) not so "friendly;" make them look more like invoices

If you have any more ideas, please contact Martin.

Income this month: $2277, Spent this month: $1724 (electrical and mezzanine expenses included)

Emergency Info

We need phone numbers for those who come to the space in case of emergencies. Martin will be sending out a request for phone numbers to those people who have not provided phone numbers. Please respond to this promptly!

Ford Challenge

The Ford Challenge may actually be a scam. We may be the target of fraud. Martin will share more when he finds out.


The ceiling was installed in the mezzanine this past Saturday! Thanks to everyone who came to help! There will be one more official build day. All other work will be piecemeal.

We received a quote of $600 for a professionally made set of stairs.

Provisional Members

There are currently four provisional members on the board. Check and sign for people if they're okay with you.

IRC and Twitter Bots

Chris is working on an IRC bot that will announce arrivals at the space with a swipe of their card as an opt-in feature.

Martin is working on a Twitter switch, which will be a big, physical switch at the space. If turned on, it will announce on Twitter if someone is at the space.

The ADT Security System

The ADT system is now ON! If we screw up, it's a $50 fine, then a $75 fine, and then we can't have the alarm system anymore. If you don't know how to use it, Martin will train you!

Video Camp

Weston is attending a Video Camp at LBJ School. It's like a bar camp for video stuff. They've never had video/hacker/experimental types come to the event. It's a free event, and there will be a free lunch. If you want to attend, talk to Weston for details.

Server Rack

Tim bought a server rack for the space. There were no objections to keeping it in the space or reimbursing Tim for it. $55 will be given to Tim for the rack.

Linux Fest

Paul Bonser has been appointed head of Linux Festivities. ATXHS was offered a free table at Linux Fest, but it was their understanding that we were a nonprofit organization, which we are not. We can ask for the table anyway and see how that goes. The event is April 2nd. If you'd like to participate, get in touch with Paul.


Mandie is still attempting to collect member pictures to create a roster that people can refer to. If you would like to participate in the roster, please email Mandie your preferred picture and how you would like it labeled.


It is Martin's opinion that the current chop saw is a death trap. He would like to take $400 of the space's funds to purchase a decent one. Other members had other ideas on which tool purchases were top priority. Nothing was voted on at this meeting.

Road Trip to Tour 10bitworks

Martin wants to take a road trip to see the San Antonio hackerspace next Saturday.