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General Meeting of the Membership
- 2/15/2011, 7:30PM

Provisional Members

We have lots of new provisional members. Have you met any of these people? They could use your signature:

  • Riley Cassel
  • Paul Larson
  • Nathan Toups
  • Jeff Valentine
  • Nathan Weber

Budget Report

Please pay your dues! We are currently short by $270.


The weather no longer sucks. If you are interested in helping to further the progress on the mezzanine build-out (currently installing sheetrock on the walls and ceiling and nailing down floor), please look out for the email announcement from Martin to lock down the exact Saturday and start time (not this coming Saturday).


Laura needs to get everyone’s project ideas to prepare for a count on the number of tables/booths.

We will have a table for the hackerspace as a whole as well. We’ll be showing things like the Makerbot, potentially a laser cutter, the MAME cabinet, and telling folks all about what we do. Martin is coordinating hackerspace booth. See him if you want to help! He wants to meet every open house from now to SXSW to prepare. If you want to participate in either the hackerspace table/booth or an indivitual table/booth, keep in mind that you should be committing to getting this done! Yours and our reputation are on the line!

Laura from Dorkbot announced on the email list: “BBC World Service will be attending the Dorkbot/Ignite SXSW event, documenting the event and interviewing people for their radio show, Digital Planet. They're doing a running series on 'Openness' and contacted me to find out who would be good to interview during the event. Any takers?” Please contact Laura if you are interested.

Publicity and Corporate Sponsorship

Laura (from Dorkbot) has acquired sponsorship from Radioshack. If you have a project that would require mainly Radioshack parts, there are opportunities for funding if you will present your project at SXSW.

Ford wants hackerspaces to take a Ford F150 and make it into “the ultimate workshop.” They will provide all the money (there’s a budget), then we get to keep it, provided they will be taking it on tour from time to time (a few weeks every quarter) to show it off. The deadline is May 1st for your proposal.

The Discovery Channel is filming a new 6-part mini-series called “The New Renaissance” about hackerspaces, maker spaces. They’d like to film and interview us.

A KUT reporter was here tonight!

KVUE is interested in doing a human interest piece, and will maybe want one or two of us in their studio to be interviewed.

Martin will start filming his web show “Hack” next Thursday at 6PM and every other Thursday thereafter. He will initially be using the front room to film, but will be moving to the mezzanine once its build-out is complete. If you have something you want to talk about or show off on the web show, contact Martin. Each show will be 20 minutes long, in 5 minute segments. Weston will be helping with the filming. The first show will be about arduino.

Robot Group

Robot Group doesn’t have a place to meet this Thursday as their normal meeting location is undergoing renovations. They’ll be having their meeting here. The members are okay with this.

New Tools

Rudy, Weston, David, Martin and Mandie went to an estate sale auction. We won a belt sander and a lathe. The man who owned these tools previously died of cancer, but was a true craftsman. Please be respectful of these fine tools.

RFID Cards

RFIDs will be passed out for the big tools to unlock their use as you are qualified to use them.

Yvonne’s Filming Project

Yvonne bartended for our launch party. She wants to film a commercial at the space this Sunday from 9A-3P. They’ll be able to give us a nominal fee to rent the space. We need a member to “babysit” the space. The back area will be unusable during this time. No objections were voiced at this meeting, so this use of the space will occur.


We haven’t had one in a while! If anyone has an idea, speak up at the next weekly meeting or on the email list. Brooke wants to have a group of people gather around the old radio to listen to War of the Worlds while eating American classics such as meatloaf. She’ll send out an invitation soon.

Hacker Faire?

Martin will help sponsor a hacker faire if a number of us will come and help plan it. It should be some time in the fall. (Should we call it Hacktoberfest?) This should be a full-blown affair, not just something we throw out in the parking lot. We could get other local hackerspaces involved. People will come from all over. Contact Martin if you’re interested. This will be a large, time-consuming commitment.

Member at Large Status

We won’t see Jon Kelly for a while due to a serious family medical emergency. Please give him the space to deal with it. If you have something that needs to be handled by the Member at Large, please contact Marshall, who will temporarily take back his former role.