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General Meeting of the Membership - 2/1/2011, 7:30PM

There was no quorum for this meeting; no voting decisions were made.

Payment Gateway

Martin is doing the cut-over tonight to move the payment page from the old to the new wiki. There will be a new check box that asks the user whether they would like to do recurring payments. An explanation above the form on the wiki page will explain how to fill out the form (to set up recurring payments, the user still has to make two payments at once initially). If the recurring payment check box is checked, the page will automatically send people through the the payment page twice.

Martin will email the list when the new page is ready. The payment page will have the same encryption as before; it will still takes payers from our page to the bank's payment page. We do not keep payment information!


We spent next month's money last month, but we came out ahead! We can buy little equipment next month, and larger equipment the month after. The mezzanine build-out is already budgeted, so it doesn't factor in.


Martin wants to wait for better weather to continue the build-out.

Server with ChaosVPN

Matt McCabe wants to bring in another server to use for ChaosVPN. This will be the first US server on the ChaosVPN network. We have limited space in our rack, so he wants to make sure everyone is okay with it. We have to keep traffic under 1-2TB/month and keep things to non-business activities. He's not sure what we'll do with it yet; it'll be some type of Hackerspace darknet thing. It will be locked down at first, not allowing data transfers, etc. If it's not used as is, we can always reformat it for whatever we want/need. If you want to help set it up, talk to Matt.

Monthly Alarm Code Change

Martin will be reprogramming the security alarm at the end of the night. You'll be sent out a new code on the members' list.