Meeting Notes/20110111

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General Meeting of the Membership - 1/11/2011, 7:00PM

Provisional Members

All outstanding provisional members were voted on, including proxy votes. Brandon Wiley and Jason Pepas have been confirmed!

Time and Frequency of Weekly Membership Meeting

We had 12 votes and 5 proxy votes for moving the meeting to 7:30-8PM. Vote passes! We had 3 votes for (including one proxy vote) and 2 proxy votes against changing the frequency of the meeting. The vote did not pass. (It was discussed that we should evaluate the success of the time change before making a frequency change.

Policy on Visitors

We need to have a policy written for visitors in the space. Currently, the policy is members may bring two guests as long as they are in the space with them. The member is responsible for his guests at all times.


There is currently $2700 in the bank. We do not currently have our ideal 3-month buffer. We are spending some money on tools. Until 3 hours ago [3 hours before this meeting], only half the membership had paid for this month’s dues. It's been a bad month for dues! As of now, ⅓ have not yet paid.

Automated Payment System

Martin Bogomolni and Steve Regester were working on it, but it’s not done yet. The bank requires a certificate (costing $299) to set up automatic payments online through them. Automatic payments can be set up by hand by Martin Bogomolni currently.

Training Classes

Training classes (shop safety, alarm system) are going to be taught on an ongoing basis, just ask when you’re at the space!

Space Maintenance

  • Please clean up any trash you have created while at the space.
  • Put away everything you used.

If you are the last to leave

  • make sure all food is sealed away
  • take the trash to the dumpster in the back
  • take any recycling that you can with you
  • turn off all the lights
  • lock the back door
  • set the alarm
  • take the front door off "party mode"