Meeting Notes/2010915

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   Report : Quarterly Financials, Yearly Financials ( Martin )
       Q3 report (Jul-Sep)
       Major Expenses
           Legal Fees
           Uncle Bob's Storage
           Wall Street Lease 
       Major Purchases
           Uncle Bob's Storage
           Output for the move
   The Great Move Part 2 (Marshall)
       Status of cleanout  
       Status of buildout
       Status of the Move - Important Dates!
       Call for delegation to volunteers 
   Techshop partnership (Marshall) - We're in talks with TechShop in Round Rock for possible discounts for members, possible corporate membership for the space at a discount.  Membership seems interested in our pursuing this.  It's not at the voting stage yet, but we will continue discussion with TechShop and come back to the membership when the details are clear and take a vote on it.

   New space organization (Anne) - Possible creation of a position "Junk Dalek".  Dealing with things that are left out and clutter up the space so that our new space stays fair for people who accidentally leave something out or need to leave something out and also be fair to people who want space to work on things.

[ VOTE ] Move into the Wall Street location with Plan B floor plan - We have quorum (24 present) and this passes unanimously.

   Announcement of LLC Co-Op and review of a draft of the new operating agreement ( Martin )
       What it means to be a Co-Op owner/member
       Series B ('voting') share is one-member, one-share, one-vote ($100)
       Series C ('investment') shares to raise funds for expansion via investment
       Series C owners get one series B. Minimum investment in C1 is 10 shares ($1k), we'd like to raise $30-50K
       Directed discussion of the operating agreement 

You can loose your B share by - Go into "Bad Standing" - Committing an illegal act - Committing voting fraud or otherwise commit "illegal act" within the rules of the space.

The operating document will be posted on the Monday following this meeting when we receive them from the lawyers

   [ VOTE ] Issues with non-payment of Membership Dues and steps to deal with that (Martin) -  

- Publish names are in bad standing of members who are on probation in the Website and in the front room? - Does pass with 15 out of 26 - Increase non-autopay to a higher amount (like $75) in 90 days, grandfathering in then current members into whatever plan they are on. - Does pass with 17 out 26

The following is voted on as an omnibus: Passes by 22 out of 26

       Late payment, without notification or excuse should result in a late payment fee of $10
       Second late payment within 12 months puts you on probation which can be remedied by going on auto-pay or quarterly pre-pay
       If you have 3 non-payments or late payments in 12 months, you must plead your case to the Board to reinstate, and reapply for membership 
   [VOTE] Re-allocate funds saved for laser cutter (~$5k) to the move (Martin, Marshall) - Passes by 25 out of 26