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General Meeting of the Membership - 12/21/2010, 7:00 PM

Board Member Election: Board Member at Large

Marshall Vaughan resigned two weeks ago as the Member at Large. An election was held at this meeting to vote for the new Member at Large. The results of the election: 16 for Jon Kelly, 1 for Eric Adams (this includes 6 proxy votes)

Jon Kelley is the new Member at Large!

Financial Report

There are a lot of non-payers this month. We were supposed to take in $1800 this month. We took in $1815, but $200 of that is from someone who hacked the member payment page to pay for their Adafruit order. We must get everyone to pay their dues on the 7th of the month at the latest.

Theft and Security

We've had some acts of theft at the space. If you see someone in the space you don't recognize, engage them, make sure they've signed a waiver, etc. Keep an eye out.

We have one infrared camera ready to be mounted at the front entrance. This will be for taking pictures outside the front door when activity is detected.

Assembling for Evil Mad Scientist Labs

Larson scanners are going to be the first products to be assembled for Evil Mad Scientist Labs for profit, to benefit the space or the individual member. They have a backorder of 1000 currently.

Arduino 101 Kit

Martin Bogomolni has an idea for an Arduino 101 kit that could be sold out of the space. Will be the space's first product.

Provisional Members

Brandon Wiley couldn't be voted in as a member in good standing for lack of quorum.

Tools Update

Martin Bogomonli has done research on possible tool kits we could invest in. His conclusion is that we should purchase a Sears tool kit. They include a lifetime warranty, a good tool box with ~280 tools, all for $680. Free delivery. If a tool breaks, they will come to bring us the new tool (because we're in an industrial area).

1930's Radio

There has been a long debate on the mailing list about what we should do with the radio. Someone needs to own the project and define what we're going to do with it. If we can't decide what to do with it, we will give it back to Seven.


Martin Bogomolni will start slapping yellow stickers on items in the space that don't belong to the space and don't fit in a member's box. If something isn't done with that item in three weeks, the item will go away.


Martin Bogomolni needs help doing electrical on the mezzanine. He also needs someone who is willing to lend their truck.


Doug wants help programming the Peggy. It's been fixed! We really should get it to Detex by the end of January (new deadline).