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General Meeting of the Membership - 12/14/2010, 7:00 PM

Provisional Members and Membership Status

The members generally didn't recognize the following provisional members, so none were voted in this week. Those provisional members are:

  • Nathan Weber
  • Kevin Crothers
  • Jason Pepas

We lost a few members. We had peaked at 50, but we're now down to 46.

State of the Funds

We're spending money!

  • Walls and electricity are now up in the mezzanine
  • Light bulbs have been replaced in what is temporarily the lounge (the lounge will be moved to the front room eventually).
  • We have nice multimeters and some cheap ones from Harbor Freight, too.
  • A bid has been submitted on a 4-channel oscilloscope.
  • Other tools we've acquired are a hammer drill, propane torch, Miller 275, bench grinder.


Martin will start teaching classes for MIG and TIG welding soon!


Don't forget about the Tron viewing, starting at 7PM this Thursday at the space, and moving to the Alamo Drafthouse Village theater at midnight. Folks will also be involved in a holiday treat swap/potluck. Bring your favorite holiday treat to share!

Vintage Radio

Matt Goodman and Martin Bogomolni are working on rewiring it when they have the spare time. It might bring in some revenue if we can sell it to an interested collector in working condition.

Assembling for Evil Mad Scientist Labs

Collaboration with Evil Mad Scientist Labs is still in the works, Martin Bogomolni will inform the membership when it is more solidified.

Peggy: Detex's Thank You Gift

The Peggy was tossed around during the party. The back has been scratched. One LED is completely dark, even though the LED itself is fine. Martin Bogomolni has constructed a Peggy JR. This "back up plan" $200 out-of-pocket for Martin. Let's see if we can fix the original!

Adafruit Order

The second Adafruit order has arrived, so see Martin Bogomolni to pay for and pick up your stuff!