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General Meeting of the Membership - 12/07/2010, 7:00 PM

Money Status from the Treasurer

People need to pay dues so we can finish the mezzanine!

Arduino kits will be one of the first things we stock in the Hackerspace store.

This will be the last month to pay from the old wiki site. Next month, pay from the new site (nice options like recurring billing!).


Amy has brought in a band saw, Eric Adams brought in the leather sewing machine. Thanks, guys!

Adafruit Order

Adafruit order has been lost. Adafruit will replace the items if not found by Wednesday.


We have a budget for tools of $1000. We are spending our surplus for the tax year, and will rebuild the buffer after the new year. David Mitchell will be providing a list of tools we need so we can determine what we can buy first. Those who have brought in tools to share, please add these to the Google Docs list David Mitchell has shared!

Mezzanine Status

We need a bottle jack to finish building the mezzanine if anyone has one; it's $30 to rent for the day.

Does anyone know an electrical contractor that would work pro bono?

Security Alarm and other Issues of Security

There have been 12 false alarms with the ADT alarm system. There are only allowed to be two before the city will pull the permit. We'll be activating the alarm with ADT in January! There will be alarm education for members to prevent further false alarms!

Make sure the garage door is locked! There is a carabiner that must be put in the slot that prevents it from opening. This is the most often forgotten portion of securing the space.

There is now an infrared security camera pointing outside the door that takes pictures occasionally to observe actions outside the door to the space.

Microcontroller Mondays

Jeff Keyzer has started a new themed day at the space. There were nine people that showed up yesterday! Every Monday at 7:30pm, come and talk about your projects, work on stuff, etc.


Only half of the projector money was raised, so the board decided to provide funds for the other half. The space now owns a projector.

Pictures of our Members

Robert J. suggests pictures be posted on the wiki by members!