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Quarterly Meeting of the Board - 12/04/2010, 7:00 PM

Agenda Items

  • End of year review of our financial books (prep for taxes)
  • Purchasing large tools (including our budget for purchasing tools), CNC, laser cutter (skipped because David Mitchell isn't here. Tools committee should come to the board with a budget.)
  • Committee for handling website, e-mail, etc.
  • Sort out party expenses and other items to be reimbursed (ex. first aid kit)
  • Possibly allowing 2 more people to join the LLC for a total of 5
  • Keys, cards, codes: need to decide who gets a physical key to the space, mailbox, a party card, etc.
  • Donations for food and beverages (not just beer)?
  • Policy for sponsorships

End of year Financial Information

$2900 in the bank currently + lots of petty cash ($475) = ~$3400 total

Trying to spend as much as we can to break even by the end of the year for tax purposes.

  • $650 spent on the Adafruit order, which will be reimbursed by members
  • $60 made selling one arduino kit
  • $1855 will be taken in from the membership this month. ($400 over expected expenses)
  • Matt McCabe has been paying for the internet, that cost will be taken over by ATXHS.
  • Power is ~$100 now, less than we thought.
  • We don't have heaters! We should buy a space heater.
  • Mezzanine: $400 spent, $700 total budgeted, still need to buy sheet rock
  • $400 was spent on shop items (shirts, etc). We need to move this inventory! These need to be tagged with their prices. Mandie will make a sign. Hat: $27, Hoodie: $37, T-shirt: $22, Long T-shirt: $27

Need to do taxes and talk to accountant soon!

Share price for LLC needs to be set.

The launch party went way over budget, reimbursement of $200 goes to Matt McCabe.

$25 is the petty cash limit


Board voted to pay $140 (the remainder of unraised funds) to Matt McCabe for the projector. This makes the projector an item owned by ATXHS.

First Aid Box

Paid Marshall Vaughan $260 for the box as reimbursement

Budget for small tools

We need tool basics, a good set of drill bits, etc. We should buy good quality tools with good warranties (Craftsman, etc.).

Check David Mitchell's Google Doc list for tools needed, tell him there's $1000 budget for small tools. Spend some of it before the end of the year for tax purposes. Voted to be done by the board.

Committee for handling website, e-mail, etc.

  • Matt McCabe and Mike Rich are doing the admin stuff, disaster recovery
  • Matt Goodman is wiki admin
  • Martin Bogomolni is email admin

Joining the LLC

The parameters for buying in to the LLC needs to be an LLC decision

Martin Bogomolni (Treasurer) needs to calculate the value of ATXHS in order to know what the current buy-in is valued at.

Keys, cards, codes, who gets what?

  • Board members have individual alarm codes.
  • Members and stakeholders get the changing monthly alarm code.
  • Every new member gets an alarm education.
  • Only stakeholders and board members get physical keys. Anyone else should turn their key in.


  • All LLC and members in good standing have a card key
  • All board and LLC members additionally have a physical key.
  • Individual alarm codes are for board and LLC members
  • Monthly changing alarm code is for the members and stakeholders.
  • Party mode card keys are for people who have published open hours.

The above proposal was voted on and passed by the board.

The ADT service will be turned on in January! Educate all members on it in December, and make welcome packets for members and non-members. This was all voted to be done by the board.

Donations for beer, food, etc.

If you spend petty cash, insert the receipt with your name on it into the petty cash envelope. Petty cash limit is $25.

If people want to donate beer instead of paying donations, this is a valid strategy!

Policy for sponsorships

We currently have two sponsored members

Membership can suggest people to be sponsored, board decides who gets sponsorship with financial knowledge. (Only board members can make a financial decision for ATXHS.)

Donating hardware to the space should not often be done in trade for free membership. This actually causes a negative financial situation for the space.

  • Kevin Kruthers, who donated liquor for the party, will be given a one month membership. Voted and passed by the board.
  • Robert, for the Kinect, will be given three months membership. Voted and passed by the board.


We need to put something together for SXSW. Martin Bogomolni would like to take charge of talking to Dorkbot and organizing something for this event. Let's coordinate an event! We need a budget. SXSW is March 11-15, reservations are needed NOW! We'll be holding off until we know more to decide on the budget.

Leasing vs. Buying expensive equipment

Cool equipment fast --> leasing! This needs to be mentioned to the tools committee.

enDesign Location

We will be leaving the enDesign space. We need to collect our things and turn in the keys. We have the rack, Brooke's papasan chair to collect.

Voting in a new Board Member at Large

Marshall is officially opening up the 2-week election period for the member-at-large.