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General Meeting of the Membership - 11/16/2010, 7:00 PM

Martin says: 46 members now! $1429 taken in, a little less than we were supposed to. $245 short, 1 stakeholder, 5 members have not paid. We've lost one member, they weren't using us.

People who overspent on party are personally liable. Please put money in donations jar for beer/sodas.

$100 for power instead of $200. $400 for shirts on rack If you have an event to sell them at, arrange it! $590 was spent in total for the party, only counting receipts submitted We should have ~$3500 in the account. In reality, there is currently more, but expenses are still going out. $4600 in account currently.

If you can go on recurring payments, that will help a lot. $47 in fees for credit card processing paid last month

Confirming new members: Jacob Yates Jasmine Turner Brandon Wiley - voted in! Mina - voted in! Nathan Webber

Tool committee: David says:

People have pledged a lot of stuff! MattyG has promised welding equipment in January Donations and lending happens first because we have very little budget. Until space gets tigher, we should accept as much as we can. Martin will allow a small budget if he knows what we need most. Brian A. is ordering the tool guide and electronics book. It's on order. The makerbot will be here next week, ask Martin if you don't know how to use it. People seem to not be afraid of a router table, so it'll be our test case of using dangerous equipment in the space. Brain has access to a lathe and table saw, but it needs to come from Pennsylvania.

Steve R. says Marshall may have access to clients who are looking for web jobs. Steve has his hands in all kinds of stuff. Cool if small committee who will do web work and donate portion of proceeds to the space. Use our space and talents to increase the size of the space. This is like the Evil Mad Science assembly arrangement referenced in last week's meeting.

The board meeting will be rescheduled! It is not going to be this Saturday.

Peggy is still in progress. Doug and Steve have figured out the framework, but haven't completed the program. We should have a deadline of Christmas to get this to Detex.

Marshall says: Member at large position is up for election! Jon Kelly is currently only nominee. A few more should step up! We will have an election soon.

CNC Machine Committee: Marshall would like to know what the membership wants and how this tool would be used. What would you make? furniture, project boxes, pcb milling (needs accurate, small mill), lawn art, aluminum parts, etc. Martin will bring in a tcb mill. Requires 30 min instruction for how to use it.

Personal items have been embroidered! Pick up your stuff.