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This tool is no longer at ATXHS

This page is for historical purposes only. If you are interested in a replacement for it, bring the discussion up on the atxhs-discuss mailing list.

This is not a functioning tool at this time. It is missing a collet. Trying to use this machine without a collet can destroy the machine. Do not attempt to use or hack. Mert Eastman is in charge of work on this tool. Announcement will be made when this machine is back on line. Photo to come.


  • Face Milling Capacity 50mm
  • End Milling Capacity 25mm
  • Drilling Capacity 25mm
  • Maximum Tapping Capacity 12mm
  • Spindle Taper MT#3
  • Spindle Speed 100~1750rpm
  • Power 1000W
  • Voltage 100~120V
  • Frequency 50/60 Hz