Central Machinery 4x6-inch Metal-Cutting Bandsaw

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The Central Machinery 4" x 6" Metal-Cutting Bandsaw (model 93762) is a co-hosted tool used for horizontal or vertical positions. It can be used for round work pieces up to 4-1/2" in the horizontal position. It is 1HP, 120 VAC, 60Hz. There are three cutting speeds on this model. The 0-55° left miter cuts on horizontal.

Cutting capacity: stock up to 4" x 6" (rectangle), 4-1/2" (round).

You must have taken an ATXHS class on this machine before use. If you have used a metal-cutting bandsaw before, you may request special instruction by Chris at Revolt, the owners of this bandsaw.

Metal band saw 346x600.jpg