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This page functions as a central information repository for questions on who is allowed to service specific tools at the Hackerspace. Please remember, unless authorized on this list, you may not service, hack, attempt to repair or help on any machinery at the Hackerspace. If you think that you should be authorized to work on a specific tool, contact the Director of Facilities. If you own a tool hosted at the Hackerspace and wish to add a name to this list for your tool, please contact the Director of Facilities.

If you think a tool is not working properly, best procedure is to send an email stating the problem to the atxhs-members list.

All tools and the members authorized to service them will eventually be listed here. This is curently a partial list of tools, but each tool listed shows all members authorized to work on that tool.

The Director of Facilities makes all final determinations on who may service tools owned by the Hackerspace (those with yellow stickers.) Orange-stickered hosted tools are the property of individual members of the Hackerspace. In those cases, the owner of the tool determines who may work on it, or may designate the Director of Facilities to make choices.

Again, send an email to the atxhs-members list if you notice a problem with a machine. Start your thread with the words "Hackbat Alert".

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