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If you are a current member and are not yet back in the shop, we want to help you with the new scheduling system. Join yo.atxhs.org, our new member forum, to re-connect with the community. Email reopen@atxhs.org with questions. For the latest details on our reopening, including current safety and sanitizing policies, check out our reopening plan. If you're all paid up, you can register and schedule shop time here on Skedda using the email address where you receive your invoices. We are having some trouble with Freshbooks' new iteration, so please let us know if you run into trouble. Thank you for your patience and continued support as we take the most generous and safest path we can find through global pandemic.

As of July 7, we are accepting new members

As a community, we've created and tested our sanitizing, masking and distancing protocols and believe we offer a workshop that takes safe and appropriate Covid precautions according to the city of Austin and CDC recommendations. Prospective members, please join our Discourse at yo.atxhs.org and become members of the Members2B group at yo.atxhs.org/g/Members2B to get queued up for the next orientation. If you have questions, please email reopen@atxhs.org.

ATXHS in the time of Covid-19

Because we serve a broad range of communities, and pretty much the definition of a shared workshop is to share air and surfaces, and we want to do our part to keep our communities safe, ATXHS closed temporarily on March 14th for 9 weeks, to reduce the spread of Covid-19. This gave us a chance to organize PPE-making efforts [email covid-discussion [at] atxhs.org if you need face shields! We can send them by mail, or bring them to you if you're in Austin.] We continue to appreciate our city and county efforts to keep people at home and safe. We are frequently looking at Austin's Covid Dashboard here and we hope you and yours are safe. Though there's not the "hang out" time at the space right now that there used to be, we have been remaining active with members digitally and several teams of members who continue to help get us through, making sure we have supplies for sanitizing, that major questions of safety and access are being answered, and that we don't stop building our community, though our processes for just about everything have had to change.


On May 9, we began the first phase of reopening, with limited-hour access to members experiencing hardship based on their responses to our member survey. We instituted a scheduling program for each area of the shop, a close-fitting mask policy and distancing requirement, and a sanitizing protocol. This was discussed in our member meeting on May 6 (meeting minutes here). At the end of May, all ATXHS members were invited back in, using new scheduling software.

We're member-run, and especially now, we are deeply thankful for our committed volunteers, including the ATXHS board, who continue to look out for fellow members, create new systems, imagined new ways of connecting online, made new plans when old ones weren't working, who are now reaching out to make sure all members who want to are able to access the space safely. These involved members have spent hundreds of hours reading, researching, talking to county officials, calling community members to check in, thinking about our community's needs, doing administration, and carefully weighing each decision made around this pandemic. It's important to us to keep members engaged and connected through digital channels and we'll continue to work to make sure our shop is both accessible and safe.

GoFundMe for COVID Responders:

We have a group of members and other local makers working together to manufacture equipment that will directly assist healthcare workers and COVID response efforts. We will have one individual using our facilities to produce items, allowing us to continue eliminating potential for community spread at the space. We also have an amazing small army of members using their own equipment at home. Many of our members are out of work and producing these essential items on their own time and their own dime. To help with the monetary cost, we have started a GoFundMe to gather funds to reimburse members for materials purchased for these efforts. Please share this GoFundMe page with anyone you think may be interested!

If you have any questions or are a medical facility wanting to receive PPE or other items from us, please email covid@atxhs.org.


We have hosted a handful of video conference events and will be updating our calendar with new ones as they are scheduled. Events we have recorded will be posted here. Check out our Calendar for other digital events as they are created.
If there is something specific you'd like to see, please give us feedback here on digital events.

What is ATX Hackerspace?

ATX Hackerspace is a member-run collaborative art, craft and fabrication space in Northeast Austin.
These are some of the resources available for members' use:

Metal shop (includes MIG and TIG welders, plasma cutter, grinders, bandsaw and chopsaws)
Industrial woodshop (includes lathes, saws, router, sander, hand tools)
Two Laser engravers
▪ multiple 3-d printers
CNC router
Auto bay and tools
Bio lab
Rentable classroom

We are a community of passionate experts, learners, makers, artists, geeks, parents, children, students, and professionals. You are likely to find expert advice and eager collaborators for anything you're looking to build. As members, we give our time freely to support the space because we believe this space is of value to our community. Since we do this in our free time, response times to ATXHS email and questions will vary. A class or a competency check-off is required for access to many of the resources listed above.

We're hackers (thoroughly defined here), which means we create things and we put things together in new and innovative ways. ATX Hackerspace is dedicated to encouraging and promoting technical, scientific, and artistic skills through projects, collaboration, and education by all legal means.



Hours and access have changed due to Covid-19. Hours are currently 7am-midnight. Users must schedule their time using our Skedda system (available once dues are paid). All ATXHS users must wear a close-fitting mask, keep distanced from other members, and new sanitizing protocols apply. See our reopening plan.


Sign up for upcoming classes by going to our Class_List and checking out the upcoming offerings.


Click here to subscribe for ATXHS updates and info on events!

Contact our Board of Directors for any questions you may have.

ATX Hackerspace can be found at:

9701 Dessau Road, Building 3, Suite 304, Austin TX 78754

ATXHS Parking Map Sm.png

Office Rentals

ATX Hackerspace Coworking

Prices starting at $325.00 a month, including monthly membership

ATX Hackerspace offers customizable cubicles inside a locked co-working area accessed by key card. Office spaces feature 24/7 access to cutting-edge prototyping and traditional crafting tools in the main workshop. If you're a small business owner, an independent professional, a startup, or a maker who needs dedicated space, come check out our location and network of fellow innovators. Create your own workspace in our ever-changing maker community.

Click here for more information.

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