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Merton Eastman

  • Facebook:
  • email: mert.ac7ky{at} (leave out the blah)
  • Born: 3 months before JFK assassination
  • Education: B.S. Food Science, Washington State University, 1986
  • Employment: retail meat cutter, Randalls

I moved to Austin in May, 2010 from Bellingham, WA.

Things I've done:

  • taught ham radio classes and assisted in giving licensing exams
  • built electronic kits
  • darkroom work with DIY color chemistry
  • experimented with pinhole photography
  • learned to work with SMT components and gave demonstrations
  • auto and small engine repair (latest: fixing car a/c)
  • limited woodworking (would love to improve my skills!)


  • ham radio (especially digital communication methods)
  • bartending/cocktail mixing (emphasis on classic cocktails)

Things I'd like to do:

  • learn welding and machining
  • learn to program/make my computer do cool things
  • learn to build cool things using Arduino and/or other microcontrollers
  • learn to design and etch PCBs
  • build ham radio kits, then make them smaller using SMT components
  • build a bartending robot
  • collaborate on other cool projects

Planning to teach:

[Ham Radio 101]