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Tools and Maintenance


  • Workbenches
  • Rolling door and auto bay
  • Electronics room with numbers of testing tools, soldering irons, donated components
  • Conference room, and a large workshop floor
  • Various electrical configurations with individual breakers
  • Lockable storage spaces
  • Comfy seating and wifi!

CNC, lasers, printers

Metal and Machining

Wood working



  • Floor Jack & jack stands
  • Hand tools
  • Air tools/compressors
  • Lubricants, cleaners, paint
  • Engine Hoist
  • 20 ton press
  • Freon Sniffer



Project Tools Not Yet Finished Or Functional

Some Ongoing Projects Needing Work, some of which may wind up hosted by the Hackerspace.
All of these have team leads, so they may not be worked on without asking permission from the Director of Facilities.

Photos of Tools Pending Descriptions

This page shows photos of a very few of the tools pending QR-codes, descriptions and cautions for operation: Tools Pending Description

Photos of Tool Areas for Instruction

The page linked below shows photos of areas for instruction. The welding table, the crafts area, etc. Not shown are the Automotive, DIYBio, Metal Working, Wood Working areas or the shelves that include power tools. This section will likely be moved for integration elsewhere: Areas with Tools Pending Description

Tools No Longer at the Hackerspace