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  • Printing, aquaponics, & gallery entrance
  • Fancy meeting room on left
  • Galley/co-working in the back
  • Electronics room to the right
  • Biolab & Blue laser to the more right
  • Big Red & laser graveyard under the weirdspace
  • Bigdead next to Big Red, under the craftroom
  • Woodshop, metalshop, machineshop, & Autobay in the cave
  • 5 workbenches with drop-down air/power & dust collection for not storing stuff
  • Vertical storage next to Danny's CNC
  • Temporary storage/up for grabs spot in the way back of the cave

Laser Cutters

3D Printers

  • Polyprinter 229 5x faster
  • Dual-feed big diameter 3D printer
  • 2 more working well 3D printers & several not working so well

Metal and Machining



  • 2 workstations, + Antonios bench
  • Hakko soldering station, flux, solder, shrink wrap, nippers & stripper
  • 0-30V power supply, bench meter, & old scope ( 200 mhz digital scope waiting on your proposal)
  • 10 Amp battery charge station, Sunkko 788H Battery Spot Welder, shrink wrap, & nickel wire
  • Next level Arduino station: Circuit Playground with buttons, sensors, switches, relays, etc.
  • Hot air, AmScope Stereoscopic Microscope, & oven in need of love
  • Resistor & capacitor libraries, misc passives--contact Eric to order
  • Piles of junk & printer boneyard


  • Floor Jack, stands, hoist
  • Hand tools & Vise
  • Air tools/compressors, shop vac, outside tire fill-it-up & blow-it-out
  • Welding table, & co-existence with the metal shop
  • Lubricants, cleaners, paint, adhesives, sealants
  • 20 ton press
  • Freon Sniffer, bearing pulling, & a few things like that
  • Solar Race Car



Instruction & Classes

Classes are required before accessing the Lasers, CNC machines, & lathes. Classes are listed on the Class Calendar. If you don't see an upcoming class on the tool you are interested in, email the list here.

Members provide safety instruction for power tools. Simple tools such as the table saw, jointer,& miter can easily injure you via kickback & such. Ask someone for instruction before using an unfamiliar tool.


Don't repair or service tools; email the list to report broken tools here.

Project Tools Not Yet Finished Or Functional

Contact project owner for status

Tools No Longer at the Hackerspace

Owned vs Hosted Tools

Yellow Inventory sticker
Orange Hosting sticker

Tools in the shop can be either owned by the Hackerspace or hosted by individual members. QR codes are on all large tools and machinery in the space. Scanning the code brings up the wiki page. (Yellow labels are for items owned by the Hackerspace. Orange labels designate tools hosted at the space by members.)

Blank hosting agreements: [| Hosting Agreement - Example] and [| Hosting Agreement - Blank]

If you have tools you would like to see hosted at the Hackerspace, contact the Director of Facilities.