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This is totally out of date. We have moved to a new location.

The Rutherford LayoutRutherford Layout S.jpg

Under construction, the Rutherford location on 9/15/2010

If you would like access to this document, please contact User:Amishacker

Upcoming improvements

  • Painting: brighter colors [!brown!]

Completed improvements

  • Chemical storage: fireproof cabinet
  • Library: bookshelf (1), ~40 titles
  • Mezzanine: trans-beam bracing reinforcement
  • Storage: Rolling shelf, ~21 banker boxes
  • Workspace: rolling bench (1) [6' x 4'] w/ vise
  • Party array: 8' silver screen, strobes, blacklight
  • Mezzanine post reinforcement
  • Cleaning: wash-sink
  • Storage: additional racks

Crazy ideas

  • Winched bean-bag collection
  • Massive meeting-room round table
  • Naval Hammocks
  • Console screen wall decorations