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There are some other maker spaces and collectives scattered around Austin that have open workshops you can join for a fee or have access to. If you are looking for something different than ATX Hackerspace can offer, perhaps one of these locations may be able to help.

Makerspaces Open to the Public

  • New place Bill, Joe, & others are opening up around Anderson/Koenig opening up in the summer 2019
  • Free/donation based new place on the east side summer 2019
  • Toolmarks : http://toolmarkatx.com : A collective co-op specializing in woodcraft and metal shop
  • Lloyd, the Flipside Warehouse : https://www.burningflipside.com/24-7-360/warehouse : If you have a Burning Man / Flipside related project this is a resource you can use.
  • MakeShift : http://makeshiftatx.com/ : Brooke Davis has a workshop with a ShopBot CNC that you can book time on, as well as have your designs professionally cut at.
  • MakeATX : https://www.makeatx.com/ : Eve and Kristen have two laser cutters ( 60W Epilog Legend EXT36 and 45W Epilog Helix ), classes are $60, and Membership is $120/mo
  • Craft Studio : https://madeatcraft.com/ : Craft studio is a curated Art Studio with a dedicated staff to clean up the space. $10/hr or $40/month for all-you-can-craft. Limited storage available onsite.
  • The Tinkering School : http://austintinkeringschool.com : The Tinkering School is a space where kids and adults are given space to design, build, and create. Located in East Austin, offers classes, camps, kids parties and adult parties.

University / College Makerspaces