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''Lead Speaker: Matt Mancuso, Director of Human Resources''
''Lead Speaker: Matt Mancuso, Director of Human Resources''
<br>Deferred until January 2013
<br>Deferred until January 2013
=Next Quarterly Member Meeting - Saturday, January 12th, 2013 - 3:00PM=
'''The Quarterly Member Meeting''' will be held  from 3-6 pm.  Like all Member Meetings, the Quarterly meeting is fully open to the public.
If you need to attend the meeting via teleconference, or need to vote-by-proxy, please submit your votes and requests to:
In order to vote at the meeting, you will need to be a Confirmed Member in Good Standing. This means you need to have purchased a coop membership share, and be caught up with your hackerspace dues.
== Agenda  ==
*'''Report : Quarterly Financials, Yearly Financials''' ( Martin )
**Q4 report
**Major Expenses
***Legal Fees
***Deposit and 1st month rent
***Alarm System
***Insurance Adjustments
**Major Purchases
***Alarm System Panel
***Tools related to Moving
***Magnetic Locks
*'''Discuss & Amend : Committee Organization''' ( Marshall )
**Reorg: ACDC as a project of NetCom
**Reorg: Laser CutCom: project of Tool AcCom
**Archived section of wiki: FoTSC
**Delegations to Committees
**Expectations of Committees (documentation, list communication)
*'''Operating Agreement Modification''' (Martin)
**Strike signature process (Martin)
**Amend 'absolute majority' to 'majority present' (Martin)
**Append 'director must be a member'(?) (Martin)
**Replace 'proxy' language with 'remote ballot' (Marshall)
**Add the word "policy" to board permissions (Marshall)
**Board responsibilities (Michelle)
*'''Discuss Organizing vending machine purchase and use''' (Matt, Danny)
*'''Add your agenda item here'''
=Next Quarterly Board Meeting - Saturday, January 12th, 2013 - 6:00PM=
Meetings of the board of directors are open to all members in good standing.
== Agenda ==
*Discussion of budget for Q1 2013, yearly budget goals, and deadline
*End-of-quarter Board report, what we did, what we could do better, how to improve (Chair, Vice, Treasurer, Secretary, Member-At-Large)
*Items moved over from the Member Meeting for Board Discussion/Vote

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Regular Membership Meeting - Tuesday, February 5th, 7:30PM

Location: 9701 Dessau Rd #304, Austin TX 78754

This meeting is open to the public, as are all Member Meetings of ATX Hackerspace. We have a great big new open space. Bring chairs!

Presentation Slideshow


Election of Directors

Lead Speaker: Matt Mancuso, Director of Human Resources
Topic: Election over, meet your new board

Escalation Policy

Lead Speaker: Marshall Vaughan
Topic: We should be bringing concerns first to the people most involved
Link to potential proposal


If you are a member in good standing and you are unable to attend the meeting to vote on the following items, please email the Director of Administration] with your remote ballot at your earliest convenience.

Agenda Items/Voting Process

Presented by: Marshall Peck, (Marshall V. co-sponsor?)
[Link to proposal]
[Link to Discussion Thread]

Require ATXHS orientation class to get your badge

Presented by:
Martin, Director of Finance; Michelle, Director of Administration
[Link to Proposal]
[Link to Discussion thread 1]
[Link to Discussion thread 2]

Purchase yellow, permanent, security stickers for the new and old keyfobs

Presented by: Martin, Director of Finance
[Link to Agenda Require ATXHS orientation class to get your badge] Discussion

Eric Schiele for Art Direction - Payment & Contract

[Link to Proposal]
[Link to Discussion Thread]

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Archived Items

Floor repair/replacement

Lead Speaker: Matt Mancuso, Director of Human Resources
Deferred until January 2013