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In alphabetical order! Volunteer your skills here, or even comment on someone else's!






  • 28mm miniature kitbashing & painting - Marshall Vaughan
  • DAW, Reason, CuBase, ProTools, Logic Pro, VST, VSTi, FLStudio, Vinyl (DJ), Digital (DJ)


  • Arduino projects and interfacing - Riley
  • PCB Design and Manufacturing - Martin


CNC Z jitter: That can happen when it jams due to debris in the ways or the leadscrew. Clean the ways, wheels, and leadscrew. It's one thing that can cause stalling. There are other possible causes Leadnut was worn out- but it's been replaced: mar 20, 2019

CNC Z jitter tests: The leadscrew and ways were reasonably clean and the leadscrew had some lube. I cleaned the ways, wheels, and cleaned off the old lube on the leadscrew and re-lubed.

Sparktech eBay name is drillman1, carbide plus store

Joe, Eric, Danny--CNC, Jay--lathe

  • Casting --Matthew Goodman 02:25, 23 November 2010 (CST)


  • basic: shell scripting, Python, Arduino - Marshall Vaughan
  • CAD Drafting and 3D modeling
  • Perl, PHP, Processing, Java, Bash, OOP, Others
  • Python, SQL - crothers
  • Too Much Python. Supercomputing and hardcore numerical joy
  • C++, JavaScript, PHP, Arduino, Graphics (esp 3D), game programming, simulation, 3D modeling, Linux...much more -- Steve Baker

Web Related

  • HTML, CSS, Apache, PHP, SQL, Javascript, SQLi, XSS, CSRF
  • MediaWiki, HTML (esp HTML5), CSS (esp CSS3), PHP, JavaScript, WebGL - Steve Baker

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