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Volunteer your skills/knowledge here

Editing Wiki

'Request account' from main page & email


Report all problems to (Danny)

Maintenance plan

  • We will have several qualified people learn the repair so that there are more people capable of maintaining the machine.
  • We will train more people up on how to safely re-home and focus the lenses.
  • We will post contact info for those volunteers for potentially faster response.
  • If we find that any parts need ordering, we will add those to the list of spares we keep on hand; in February’s maintenance push we ordered doubles of belts and such. If the problem is that simple there should be minimal delay.


Problem that might indicate an alignment issue

Stop using it entirely and contact someone with deep experience. Running the laser at full power when misaligned can turn a simple adjustment of lenses into an expensive and time-consuming problem.

'Insufficient flow from air', WTF? Turn on the air.

Display indicates computer crashed Bounce the system by resetting the breakers on the bottom left in the back. Pester Danny for a power supply & spare.

Manual jogging I have a project that has alignment marks on them and wondering if there is a way on the Red laser to move the laser head manually either by the arrows or coordinates so I can check my overlay?

There’s no way to position Red. You can do that with Blue. I do alignment in one of two ways: 1) by laying a sheet of paper on the bed and slicing it with 90% speed. 2) by cutting out a frame jig before hand.

The jig or paper lets me know where to put the item I’m cutting. If I need ~2mm precision, the paper works. Less than that, take the time to build the jig.

Danny's CNC router

Report all problems to


Cleaning Clean the ways, wheels, & leadscrew & re-lube weekly. Z jitter can be caused by debris in the ways. If not that, it can be a worn lead nut.

Sparktech eBay name drillman1, carbide plus store



Clean the machines weekly to avoid problems with dust blockage & friction

Sawstop cleaning The Sawstop tilt & height can get jammed. It can be cleaned from the access door on the side. Depending on where it is jammed, it may require reaching in & cleaning it by hand.

Miter Saw cleaning Turn off the saw, start the dust collector, reach back & pull the debris blocking the dust.

Bugs We should rework the station a bit: add lights; fiberglass a cowl that accounts for the angle of slip; add a better debris guard in the design; add a pencil holder; add a tape measure cubby. Joe

Small routers These are working but in disuse. They are a good place to learn CNC; fire one up & go for it!



Manual Mills Joe
Lathe Jay
Tormach Mill Eric, Max



See ../Groups/DIY Electronics for more information


Eric aluminum Matthew Goodman


  • Python: Gunnar likes to hold classes regularly on data science & robotics topics
  • CAD Drafting and 3D modeling Eric
  • Openscad Rob
  • Arduino Bion, Ryan, Marshall Vaughan
  • Beagle Ryan, Jerry
  • FPGA/steppers Danny
  • Brushless commutation Jerry
  • SQL Crothers
  • GL/gaming Steve Baker
  • Web Steve Baker
  • Get bitched out Jay

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