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(Danny's CNC router)
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Z jitter:
That can happen when it jams due to debris in the ways or the leadscrew. Clean the ways, wheels, and leadscrew.
Clean the ways, wheels, & leadscrew & re-lube weekly. Z jitter can be caused by debris in the ways. If not that, it can be a worn lead nut.  
It's one thing that can cause stalling.  There are other possible causes
Leadnut was worn out- but it's been replaced: mar 20, 2019
Z jitter tests:
The leadscrew and ways were reasonably clean and the leadscrew had some lube.  
I cleaned the ways, wheels, and cleaned off the old lube on the leadscrew and re-lubed.
Sparktech eBay name is drillman1, carbide plus store
'''Sparktech eBay name'''
drillman1, carbide plus store
== Wood==
== Wood==

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Report all problems to facilities@atxhs.org (Danny)

Consistency tests needed.


I have a project that has alignment marks on them and wondering if there is a way on the Red laser to move the laser head manually either by the arrows or coordinates so I can check my overlay?

There’s no way to position Red. You can do that with Blue. I do alignment in one of two ways: 1) by laying a sheet of paper on the bed and slicing it with 90% speed. 2) by cutting out a frame jig before hand.

The jig or paper lets me know where to put the item I’m cutting. If I need ~2mm precision, the paper works. Less than that, take the time to build the jig.

'Insufficient flow from air', WTF? Turn on air.

Danny's CNC router

Report all problems to dannym@austin.rr.com


Cleaning Clean the ways, wheels, & leadscrew & re-lube weekly. Z jitter can be caused by debris in the ways. If not that, it can be a worn lead nut.

Sparktech eBay name drillman1, carbide plus store



Sawstop weekly cleaning The Sawstop tilt & height can get jammed. It can be cleaned from the access door on the side. Depending on where it is jammed, it may require reaching in & cleaning it by hand.

Miter Saw blockage Turn off the saw, start the dust collector, reach back & pull the debris blocking the dust.


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