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New member?

Come to open house on Tuesday 8PM to midnight or so for key fob & Orientation Class

Join us! Becoming a Member of the ATXHackerspace

Open House

Our weekly Open House at 8pm every Tuesday is a good time to come and get a tour of the space, but visitors are welcome at any of our Public Open Hours.

Becoming a Member

  1. Sign a waiver
  2. Pay your first month's membership : Go to the Payment methods page.
  3. Get an RFID key fob for 24/7 access by taking the Orientation Class
  4. Ask for create a Wiki account
  5. Add your name to the List of Members on the Wiki.

Becoming a Voting Member:

  1. Pay your $100 Co-Op member share, and sign the joinder agreement
  2. If you are going to go on the 1-Year Membership plan, please print sign and return the [1-Year Co-Op Membership Agreement]
  3. Make sure you take the Orientation Class


You can come to ATXHS as a visitor and participate in many of our daily activities for free. All visitors must sign a waiver form (available at the front desk) before entering the main space for the first time.

  • Free access to Wifi, Lounge, and Classroom during Open House and events when a Co-Op member is present. Code, relax, work on projects, meet other hackers.
  • May attend events/classes at full cost.
  • May purchase materials at full cost.
  • May use tools that require no supervision or training.


There are considerable advantages to becoming a member. All the benefits of a Visitor, plus:

  • Has 24x7 access to the space.
  • Has access to tools and heavy machinery (after requisite training courses are completed).
  • Has a small amount of personal storage space within the facility (a banker's box or container of equivalent size in the members' storage area).
  • Has access to stocked material.
  • Has use of metered tools.
  • Has access to classes.
  • Can bring up to two guests at any time, as long as you are physically present at the space with them.
  • Can participate in meetings, but can not vote.
  • Must have signed a waiver form.
  • Pays monthly dues:
    • $100.00/month pay-as-you go, Auto-Pay adds a $25 discount! ($75.00)
    • $750.00 pre-paid year, protects against rate increases

-- Join the Space Now! - details can be found on the Payment Methods Page --

Voting Member

Everything a member can do, plus:

  • Has voting rights to weekly, quarterly, annual, and emergency/special meetings; help determine the direction of ATX Hackerspace.
  • Is eligible to be elected to the Board of Directors.
  • Can teach classes, and host events at the facility.
  • Is eligible for discounts on various services, events, and materials.

Your purchase of a Voting (B) Share:

Note: Your voting share must be purchased and your Joinder Agreement must be turned in to a member of the Board of Directors before you are eligible to participate in voting.

-- Join the Space Now! - details can be found on the Payment Methods Page --

Corporate Memberships

We also offer Corporate memberships, which are packaged Patron memberships for company-sponsored memberships.

  • 5 minimum memberships, with a 1 year contract commitment ( $750.00 * Number of Corporate Members )
  • Members may be switched out once per month, but it resets the achievements and validations on equipment.
  • Reserved use of the Classroom for up to 4 hours per month for meetings
  • Reserved use of hackerspace equipment such as Laser Engravers, CNC machines for negotiated blocks of time.

Contact the Board of Directors for more details.

Additional Services

Member Storage

  • Space for a banker's box ( or closed-lid container of equivalent size 10"x12"x15" ) is included in your membership


  • 6' x 6' cubicle.
  • Cubicles are dedicated, not shared.
  • Cubicle walls are provided.
  • Each cubicle has two wired ethernet ports and outlets.
  • Dedicated copier/printer/scanner in co-working.
  • The co-working area is secured so only co-workers and the Board have access.
    • Currently this is with a regular key for the door, but soon it will be upgraded to read the member key fobs/cards like the main door.
  • Co-workers are allowed to schedule two 4-hour blocks in the classroom per month for use as a conference room (the Director of Education will handle the scheduling for now and classes will take priority).
  • ATX Hackerspace membership is required.
  • Pricing:
    • $425.00 per month = $350.00 Co-Working + $75.00 Membership
      • Month-to-Month
      • Auto-pay required
      • 30 day termination notice required
    • $375.00 per month = $300.00 Co-Working + $75.00 Membership
      • 6 month contract required for co-working discount
      • Auto-pay required
      • First and last month are required in advance
    • $325.00 per month ($1,950.00 total) = $250.00 Co-Working + $75.00 Membership
      • 6 months paid in full

Contact the Board of Directors for more details.