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# Learn where the medical and safety equipment is kept
# Learn where the medical and safety equipment is kept
# Get an RFID key for 24/7 access
# Get an RFID key for 24/7 access
=== As an Associate member: ===
* Participate and vote at meetings.
* Consider teaching your own class, and attend other classes!
* Use the space as often as you like.

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The ATX Hackerspace is you . . . and your support keeps it going.

There are three levels of membership at Hackerspace:

  • Visitor - costs nothing, come by, build stuff!
  • Provisional - sign up, pay dues, get approval to become an Associate member.
  • Associate - pay dues, get 24/7 smartcard access to the space.

Learn more and see our current monthly charge by going to our Payment methods page.

We have a special "starving hacker" rate which discounts the Provisional/Associate membership fees for people who are in need - this is awarded (rarely) at the sole discretion of our board members.

Membership Types

You can come to ATXHS as a visitor and participate in many of our daily activities for free. There are however, considerable advantages to becoming a member:


All visitors must sign a waiver form (available in the lounge area) before entering the main space for the first time.

  • Free access to Wifi, Lounge, and Classroom during Open House and events when an Associate member is present. Code, relax, work on projects, meet other hackers.
  • May attend events/classes at full cost.
  • May purchase materials at full cost.
  • May use tools that require no supervision or training.


All the benefits of a Visitor, plus:

  • Must have signed a waiver form.
  • Now pays monthly dues:
    • $55 ($50 with auto-pay), or
    • $30 "starving hacker" rate for full-time students and those for whom the Board has accepted a petition for the reduced rate.
  • Has access to tools and heavy machinery (after requisite training courses are completed).
  • Has access to stocked material at a discount.
  • Has use of metered tools at a discount.
  • Can now collect signatures in order to become an Associate member.
  • Can participate in meetings, but not vote.


(Sometimes called a "full" or "confirmed" member).

Everything a provisional member can do, plus:

  • Has 24/7 access to the space via keycard and alarm code.
  • Can bring up to two guests at any time, as long as you are physically present at the space with them.
  • Can have @atxhackerspace.org (or atxhs.org) email forwarding, if you wish.
  • Has a small amount of personal storage space within the facility (banker box).
  • Has voting rights to weekly, quarterly, annual, and emergency/special meetings.
  • Is eligible to be elected to the Board of Directors.

New Member Info

What do I need to do to become a provisional/associate member?

Before becoming a member

  1. Visit the space during open hours and meet people! Our weekly Open House at 8pm every Tuesday is a good time to come and get a tour of the space, but visitors are welcome at any of our Public Open Hours. Although, you might want to check to make sure the open hours are happening by asking on our mailing list, which brings us to . . .
  2. Join the mailing list.
  3. Ask an existing member to create a Wiki account for you. (You can request this on the mailing list.)
  4. Read the bylaws for an idea of how we're organized

Becoming a Provisional member:

  1. Sign a waiver
  2. Pay your first month's membership : Go to the Payment methods page.
  3. Add your name to the List of Members on the Wiki.

Becoming an Associate member:

  1. Print and fill out this petition.
  2. Meet other members and get seven Associate members to sign your petition form.
  3. Learn how to lock up the space; take the alarm code "class"
  4. Learn where the medical and safety equipment is kept
  5. Get an RFID key for 24/7 access